Late-Breaking Poster Session 3 (posters)


Steroidogenic Factor-1 Antagonist Suppression of Glucocorticoid Synthesis
Paul Damian Crowe, Julie McMinn, Haiyan Tao, Ruo Steensma, Richard J. Auchus and Scott McNear Thacher


11ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, not steroidogenesis, increases glucocorticoid exposure during wound healing
Ana Tiganescu, Melanie Hupe, Yoshikazu Uchida, Peter M Elias and Walter Holleran


Nano-enabled Intranasal Delivery of Teriparatide for the treatment of osteoporosis : A non -invasive approach
Faron Jordan, Gareth King, Allan Williams, Alan Perkins, Tahir Masud and Richard Pearson


Low Serum Vitamin D Levels Are Associated With Increased Arterial Stiffness in Youth
Pranati Jha, Amy Shah, Phillip Khoury, Elaine Urbina, Thomas Kimball and Lawrence M Dolan


Vitamin D Binding Protein and Vitamin D Status of Community Dwelling Black and White Americans
Camille Elise Powe, Michele K Evans, Julia Wenger, Alan B Zonderman, Anders Berg, Michael Nalls, Hector Tamez, Ishir Bhan, S Ananth Karumanchi, Neil Powe and Ravi Thadhani



Integrated Targeted Quantitation Method for Insulin and its Therapeutic Analogs
Eric E Niederkofler, Tara Schroeder, Urban A Kiernan, David A Phillips, Kemmons A Tubbs, Scott Peterman, Bryan Krastins, Amol Prakash, Mary Lopez and Dobrin Nedelkov


Chlorella vulgaris improves insulin signaling in tissues of diet- induced obesity mice
Juliana Falcato Vecina, Alexandre Gabarra Oliveira, PhD, Tiago Gomes Araujo, Mario J Saad and Mary L. S. Queiroz


Follistatin inhibits diet-induced Obesity
Rajan Singh, Srinivasa Reddy, Sherin U Devaskar, David Stout, Karen Reue and Shehla Pevin