Pituitary and Growth Hormone



Tissue Specific Disruption of OTX2 Causes Pituitary Hypoplasia By Different Mechanisms
Amanda Helen Mortensen, Vanessa Schade, Thomas Lamonerie and Sally A Camper


The First Cancer-Associated Variant of the Growth Hormone Receptor
Yash Chhabra, Ho Yi Wong, Andrew James Brooks and Michael John Waters


Postnatal Expression of PROP1 Regulates the Transition of Progenitors to Differentiating Cells
Michelle L. Brinkmeier, María Inés Pérez Míllan, Leonard Cheung and Sally A Camper


Unique Effects of PROP1 and POU1F1 on Pituitary Progenitor Development, Proliferation and Differentiation
Maria Ines Perez-Millan, Michelle L. Brinkmeier, Claudia Veiga Chang, Luciani R S Carvalho and Sally A Camper