GnRH & Gonadotrope Biology & Signaling


Absence of Estradiol-Induced LH Surges in Kisspeptin Cell-Specific ERα Knockout (KERαKO) Mice
Sharon Lauretta Dubois, Andrew Wolfe, Sally Radovick, Ulrich Boehm and Jon E Levine


Reproductive Axis Disruption of Mice Lacking Estrogen Receptor β in GnRH Neurons
Jones B Graceli, Silvia Capellino, Andrew Schoeffield, Horacio Novaira, Fredric Edward Wondisford, Andrew Wolfe and Sally Radovick


Regulation of High Frequency GnRH Release in Early Prepubertal Mice
Katarzyna M M Glanowska, Laura L Burger and Suzanne M Moenter


Interaction Between Kisspeptin and Neurokinin B Neurons in Pubertal Female Rhesus Monkeys
James P Garcia, Kathryn A Guerriero, Kim L Keen, Brian P Kenealy, Joseph R Kurian and Ei Terasawa


A Proximal AP-1 Site in the Gnrhr Gene Promoter Is Critical for Normal Pubertal and Reproductive Development in Female Mice
Sekoni D. Noel, Cecilia Martin, Titilayo Muyide, Serap Simavli, Joy N. Liang, Victor M. Navarro, Rona S. Carroll and Ursula B Kaiser