Steroid Hormone Receptors and Epigenetic Control


5 Alpha-Reductase Is a Regulator of Glucocorticoid Action and Metabolic Phenotype in Human Liver
Maryam Nasiri, Nikolaos Nikolaou, Silvia Parajes, Iwona Bujalska, Laura Louise Gathercole and Jeremy W Tomlinson


A Non-Competitive Estrogen Receptor α Inhibitor Activates AMPK, Inhibits Protein Synthesis and Induces Tumor Regression
Neal D Andruska, Xujuan Yang, Xiaobin Zheng, Chengjian Mao, Mathew M Cherian, Lily Mahapatra, William Helferich and David J Shapiro


A Satellite-Cell Specific Knockout of the Androgen Receptor Reveals Myostatin As a Direct Androgen Target in Skeletal Muscle
Vanessa Dubois, Michaël R. Laurent, Mieke Sinnesael, Nele Cielen, Christine Helsen, Liesbeth Clinckemalie, Lien Spans, Ghislaine Gayan-Ramirez, Louise Deldicque, Peter Hespel, Geert Carmeliet, Dirk M. Vanderschueren and Frank A. Claessens


Gene Expression Modulation By Estrogen in the Female Mouse Cerebral Cortex
Gwendolyn I Humphreys, Yvonne S Ziegler and Ann M Nardulli


The Androgen Receptor Splice Variant, AR-V7, Reprograms Metabolism Towards a More Bioenergetic Phenotype Consistent with Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Ayesha A Shafi, James Michael Arnold, Vasanta Putluri, William Charles Krause, Zheng Xia, Wei Li, Nagireddy Putluri, Arun Sreekumar and Nancy L Weigel