Translational Research in Pediatric Endocrinology


Defects in Aldosterone Signaling Exacerbate Sodium Loss at Birth in Preterm Infants: Prime Results from the Premaldo Study
Laetitia Martinerie, Eric Pussard, Nadya Yousef, Claudine Cosson, Ingrid Lema, Sebastien Mur, Pascal Boileau and Marc Lombes


Studies of Mechanisms for Pediatric Obesity Due to Melanocortin 3 Receptor (MC3R) Insufficiency Using Knock-in Mice Expressing Human Wild Type MC3R or Thr6Lys+Val81Ile Human Variant MC3R
Jack A Yanovski, Bong Gi Lee, JaShin Koo, Oksana Gavrilova, Dezmond Taylor-Douglas, Robin Roberson and Dimitri Koutzoumis


Extra-Adrenal Expression of Cyp21a for GENE Therapy of CAH
Yasuhiro Naiki, Noriyuki Katsumata, Masashi Onodera and Maki Fukami


Mineralo and Glucocorticoid Deficiency in Early Infancy Are Caused By a Founder Novel Mutation in the Nicotineamid Nucleotide Transhydrogenase Gene
David Zangen, Abdulsalam Abulibdeh, Ariella weinberg-Shukron, Sharon Zeligson, Fouad Zhadeh, Liran Carmel, Paul Renbaum and Efrat Levy-Lahad


Pharmacokinetics of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rhGH) and Dynamic Response of Amino-Terminal Pro C-Type Natriuretic Peptide (NTproCNP) in Short Children
Robert C. Olney, Parisa Salehi, Timothy CR Prickett, John Lima, Eric A. Espiner, Kaitlin Sikes and Mitchell E. Geffner


Genomewide Association Study of Growth Hormone Responsiveness
Andrew Dauber, Yan Meng, Laura Audí, Antonio Carrascosa, Michael B Ranke, Michael Paul Wajnrajch, Kerstin Albertsson-Wikland, Natasa Rajicic, Anders Lindberg, Nina Camacho-Hubner and Joel N Hirschhorn