Female Reproduction: Puberty Onset, Folliculogenesis, and Metabolic Responses


Substance P As a Novel Regulator of Puberty Onset
Victor M. Navarro, Serap Simavli, Iain Robert Thompson, Caroline Maguire, John C Gill, Rona S. Carroll and Ursula B Kaiser


Loss of Progesterone Receptor in Kisspeptin Neurons Causes Premature Pubertal Onset and Infertility
Arnon Gal, Po-Ching Patrick Lin, Joseph A Cacioppo, Patrick R Hannon, Megan M Mahoney, Andrew Wolfe, Rodrigo Cesar Fernandez-Valdivia, John P Lydon, Carol F Elias and Chemyong Ko


Kisspeptin Signaling Is a Novel Player in Obesity, Metabolism, and Glucose Homeostasis in Female Mice
Kristen P Tolson, Christian J Garcia, Jeremy Troy Smith and Alexander S Kauffman


Analysis of the Metabolic Phenotype of Female Mice Lacking Anti-Müllerian Hormone Signaling
Jeffrey Hoek, E. Leonie A.F. van Houten, Piet Kramer, Anke McLuskey, Bas Karels, Axel P.N. Themmen and Jenny A. Visser


Transgenic Mice Overexpressing Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the Ovary Exhibit Both Reproductive and Metabolic Alterations Characteristic of PCOS and a State of Sympathetic Hyperactivity
Jenny Lisa Wilson, Ekaterina Salimova, Gregory A Dissen, Sergio R Ojeda, Michael A Cowley, Nadia Rosenthal, Pablo Jose Enriori and Maria Cecilia Garcia Rudaz


Cell Autonomous Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase Activation in Oocytes Promotes Survival but Not Premature Loss of Primordial Follicles
So-Youn Kim, Katy Ebbert, Marilia Cordeiro, Jie Zhu, Vanida Serna, Kelly A Whelan, Megan Romero, Takeshi Kurita and Teresa K Woodruff