Metastasis & Tumor Progression; Neoplasia of Endocrine Tissues


Breast Cancer and Metastasis Free Survival Are Effected By PRMT2 and Rorγ; Expression: Understanding the Role of DNA Repair
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Stiff Collagen Matrices Enhance Pro-Tumorigenic Effects of PRL on Estrogen Actions in Luminal Breast Cancer Cells in Vitro
Craig E Barcus, Elizabeth Holt, Patricia Keely, Kevin Eliceiri and Linda A Schuler


Prostatic Acid Phosphatase Secreted By Prostate Cancer Cells in Bone Metastases Induces an Osteoblastic Phenotype
Alice C Levine, Sudeh Izadmehr, Grace Liao, Amanda Leiter, Shen Yao, Shoshana Yakar and Alexander Kirschenbaum


Clinical Features and Penetrance of Pheochromocytoma in a Large Family with a Germline TMEM127 Mutation
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A Lysosomal Role for the Pheochromocytoma Tumor Suppressor TMEM127
Yilun Deng, Yuejuan Qin, Subramanya Srikantan, Anqi Luo and Patricia L Dahia