Diabetes Complications and Genetics (posters)


T Cell Receptor Repertoire Variation Is Associated with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Joseph Frankl, Marie S Thearle, Clifton Bogardus and Jonathan Krakoff


Regulation of Papp-a in Human Mesangial Cells
Diane Donegan, Laurie K Bale, Sara L Harstad and Cheryl A Conover


Renoprotective Effects of Fenofibrate Via Modulation of LKB1-AMPK mRNA Expression in a Rat Model of Diabetic Nephropathy
Nawal Mohammed Alrasheed, Nouf Mohammed Alrasheed, Hala A Attia, Maha A Al-Amin, Iman H Hasan, Hanaa N Al-Ajmi, Raeesa A Mohamad and Nasr A Sinjilawi


The Role of CHRNA7 in Controlling Islet Inflammation
Lindsey E Nicol, My Linh Nguyen and Daniel L. Marks




Novel Mutation of the Aire Gene in Iranian Patients with Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome Type I
Rahim Vakili, mohhamad Reza Abbszadegan, Nosrat Ghaemi, seid Hosean dehghan Manshadi and Marta Ghahraman