Diabetes Clinical Care; Genetics & Epidemiology (posters)


Intravenous Insulin Infusion Transition to Subcutaneous Insulin in the Medical ICU
Mary Angelynne Esquivel, Mia Williams, James Bena, Simon Lam, Deborah Rathz and M. Cecilia Lansang



In-Hospital Hyperglycemia Prevalence, Management, Level of Control and Associated Complications and Mortality
Metib Alotaibi, On behalf of the Residents, Department of Medicine and Ali Saeed Alzahrani


Predictors of Basal Insulin Dosing in Hospitalized Patients
Susannah Macdonald Becker, Kwame Osei and Kathleen M Dungan



Readmission Rates in Inpatients with Diabetes and Hyperglycemia
Leslie Anne Eiland, Whitney S Goldner, Andjela T Drincic and Jiangtao Luo


Incorporating Retinal Photography into Diabetes Clinic Visits Improves Early Detection of Retinopathy
Samir Malkani, Sarika Rao, George Asdourian, Joseph Cohen and David Marshall Harlan


Medical Audit in Nigeria: The Diabetes in-Patient Perspective
Nosariemen LILIAN Okonyia, Sandra Omozehio Iwuala, Oluwarotimi Bolaji Olopade, Opeyemi BUKOLA Salako, Oyinkansola Ogundimu, Ernest Ogbonnaya and Augustine E Ohwovoriole


Improving the Health-Care and Management of Patients with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease: Hospital-Based Health Professionals' Perspectives
Clement Lo, Helena J. Teede, Dragan Ilic, Kerry Murphy, Martin Gallagher, Greg Ronald Fulcher, Peter Kerr, Kevan Polkinghorne, Rowan Walker and Sophia Zoungas


Hospitalization and Mortality for Pancreatitis and Diabetes: A Cohort from a Terciary Hospital
Paula Freitas, Eva Lau, Joana Isabel Oliveira, Mariana Lobo, Tiago Silva Costa, Alberto Freitas and Davide Carvalho


Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Patterns in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Large Integrated Health System
Kevin M Pantalone, Todd M Hobbs, Brian J Wells, Sheldon X Kong, Michael W Kattan, Jonathan R Bouchard, Changhong Yu, Brian Sakurada, Alex Milinovich, Wayne Weng and Robert S Zimmerman


Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Rate of HbA1c Changes per BMI in Non-Diabetic Subjects
Jean Huang, Horng-Yih Ou, Rudruidee Karnchanasorn, Raynald Samoa, Wei Feng, Lee-Ming Chuang and Ken C Chiu


Nurse-Led Diabetes Medication Management Clinic: An Effective Resource to Improve Glycemic Control
Linda Truong, Pritisheel Banga, Jacob Cohen, Maria Arambulo, Ambar Rahman, Tiffney Colon, Dori Louie-Kai, Patricia Calderon, Steven Stoltz and Soe Naing



New Onset Diabetes in Vietnam Requiring Hospital Admission Is Caused By Beta Cell Dysfunction, Not Insulin Resistance
Pham Thu Ha, Nguyen Khoa Dieu Van, Gunjan Yogendra Gandhi and Geoffrey Steven Gates


Attainment of HbA1c Target through Stepwise Algorithm of Insulin Combinations in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Amy Anicete Lopez, Erick Sta. Rosa Mendoza, Valerie Ann Uy Valdez and Leilani Basa Mercado-Asis


Spectrum of Diabetes Mellitus in Central India
Kalpana Dash and Chiranjit ROY


Diabetes Clinic Benefits Patients and Residents
Rachel Coleman-Pierron, Carrie Caruthers, Catherine Hebert, Betty Lo, Robert Richards, Lydia Melendez, Yong Yi, Jorge Martinez, Lee Engel, William T Cefalu and Karen Friday


Audit of Intermediate Glycaemic Outcomes Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Lagos, Nigeria
Okpara Ukandu Igwe, Anthony Chinedu Anyanwu, Oluwarotimi Bolaji Olopade, Ope-Oluwas Fasanmade, Nosariemen LILIAN Okonyia, Toluwalope Adenike Adedugbe, Olufemi Adetola Fasanmade, Sandra Omozehio Iwuala, Ifedayo Odeniyi and Augustine E Ohwovoriole


Patient Confidence in Diabetes Care Goal Setting after a Group Inpatient Diabetes Class
Justin Yoon, Meredith Akerman, Ann Marie Hasse and Alyson K. Myers


Comprehensive Analysis of Safety Data Pooled from 22 Randomized Controlled Trials of Linagliptin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with or without Renal Impairment
Maximilian von Eynatten, Michael Lehrke, Nikolaus Marx, Sanjay Patel, Thomas Seck, Susanne Crowe and Odd Erik Johansen


Evaluation of Physician Compliance with Guidelines for Management of Diabetes Mellitus
Shimon Harary, Tanganyika Barnes, Adrian Padkowsky, Ruchi Kumari and Steven Keller


Exploring the Benefits of Early Endocrinology Consultation for Diabetic Ketoacidosis in a Community Hospital Setting
Smita Jha, Gopakumar Nair, Jaymin Patel, Ashmeet Bhatia, Shant A Parseghian and Stewart Gary Albert


How Much Is Too Much? Outcomes in Patients Using High-Dose Insulin Glargine
Timothy Reid, Ling Gao, Jasvinder Gill, Andreas Stuhr, Louise Traylor, Aleksandra Vlajnic and Andrew Rhinehart


Discordance in Anthropometric Indices of Type 2 Diabetes Melliyus Male and Female Patients in Nigeria
Patrick OJO Adunbiola, Anthony Chinedu Anyanwu, Olufemi Adetola Fasanmade, Fabian Puepet, Esther Ofoegbu, Bilikisu Mubi, Okeoghene Anthonia Ogbera, Ahanuwa Eregie, Felicia Anumah, Rosemary T Ikem, Abdullahi Adamu and Augustine E Ohwovoriole


Decade of Birth and Waist Circumference Influence Age at Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Nigeria
Ope-Oluwa Olufunmilayo Fasanmade, Oluwarotimi Bolaji Olopade, Okpara Ukandu Igwe, Olufemi Adetola Fasanmade and Augustine E Ohwovoriole


Detecting and Managing Diabetes Mellitus and Prediabetes with HbA1c Measurement in Patients with Acute Stroke
Aiqun Liu, Kim A Carmichael, Martha Jean Riley, Marilyn E Schallom and W Dean Klinkenberg


Bariatric Surgery and Diabetes: Implications of Type 1 Versus Insulin Requiring Type 2
Spyridoula Maraka, Yogish C Kudva, Todd Andrew Kellogg, Maria L Collazo-Clavell and Manpreet Mundi


Diabetes Screening in a High Risk Population at an Inner City Hospital
Olubunmi Anibaba, Tochukwu Igwe and Rhonda Kay Trousdale


Enhancing Knowledge of Hypoglycemia and Driving Guideline Recommendations Among Patients with Diabetes: A Quality Improvement Project
Buthaina Almahmeed, Nashwah Taha, Shelley Pallan, Jeannette M Goguen and Geetha Mukerji


Correlation Between Blood Glucose and Glycated Haemoglobin Tests in Nigerians with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Chikezie Hart Onwukwe, Ukamaka Odife, Okpara Ukandu Igwe, Olufemi Adetola Fasanmade and Augustine E Ohwovoriole


Reduction in Acute Care Visits for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus through Comprehensive Management Strategies
Manmohan Kamal Kamboj, Jeff Lewis, Belinda Seimer, Linda Mount, Bethany King, Tracie Rohal, Heather Yardley, Setenay Kara and David Roy Repaske


Association of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Gene Polymorphism and Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor (AGTR1) Gene Polymorphism and Diabetic Nephropathy
Volha Vasilkova, Arkadij Silin, Victor Martinkov, Elena Naumenko, Margarita Zshmailik, Kulyash Zekenova and Tatiana Mokhort


With Diabetes: Turn to the Past for Both Efficacy and Cost
Marisela Noorhasan, Irl B Hirsch and Dace Lilliana Trence


Barriers to Medication Adherence in Adult Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Yael Tobi Harris, Claudia M Elera, Taylor B Gibbons and Nina Kohn


Hereditary Pancreatitis with N29T Mutation of Cationic Trypsinogen in a Brazilian Family
Marcio Garrison Dytz, Julia Mendes Melo, Isabel Silva Santos, Melanie Rodacki, Flavia Lucia Conceicao and Tania Maria Ortiga-Carvalho


Implementation of Multispecialty Guidelines to Improve Perioperative Management of Diabetes Mellitus- an Example of a Successful Quality Initiative
Meera Shah, Heidi A Apsey, Joshua D Stearns, Richard T Schlinkert, Karen M Seifert and Curtiss Bela Cook


Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring Improves Hemoglobin A1C in Insulin-Requiring Diabetic Patients
Lorena Alarcon-Casas Wright, Sumangala Vasudevan, Peter Huynh, Rhea Coquia Smith and Irl B Hirsch


Smartphone Use By Patients with Diabetes
Anna L. Ross, Gillian S. Boyd-Woschinko, David L. Kaiser, Adham M. Alifarag, D'Arcy King, Michael Diefenbach and Ronald Tamler


Provider Attitudes Toward Smartphone Use By Patients with Diabetes
Anna L. Ross, Gillian S. Boyd-Woschinko, David L. Kaiser, Adham M. Alifarag, D'Arcy King, Michael Diefenbach and Ronald Tamler


Factors Associated with Choice of Incretin-Based Medication Class in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D)
Sanjeev N. Mehta, Monika A. Niewczas, William J. McMullen, Alf H. Gruener and Alessandro Doria


The Effect of Plant Based Diet in A1C Lowering in Latino Diabetic Patients
Rocio DeLaTorre, Gabriela Delgado, Nancy Rodriguez and Hong Lee


Creation of New Android App for Diabetes Patients
Gloria Wu, Kimberly D. Pham, Vinna Nam, Byongdo Kim and Stephanie Tang


Natural Course of Type 2 Diabetes Treatment in Turkey: Predictors of Insulin Initiation
Ayse Kubat Uzum, Selda Celik, Nurdan Gul, Gulsah Yenidunya Yalin, Cemile Idiz, Elif Temel, Emine topaloglu Topaloglu, Nevin Dinccag, Kubilay Karsidag and Ilhan Satman