Insulin and Endocrine Metabolic Action (posters)


Disruption of FoxO1 Restores the Ability of Insulin to Regulate Hepatic Glucose Production in Liver-Specific Insulin Receptor Knockout (LIRKO) Mice
InSug O-Sullivan, Kang Li, David H Wasserman, C. Ronald Kahn, Michael W. Schwartz and Terry G Unterman



Regulatory Effects of RU486 on Glucocorticoid Metabolism and Insulin Signaling in Adipose Tissue from Corticosterone-Exposed Mice
Yan Jun Liu, Chaoying Yan, Ying Wang, Hanze Du, Winnie Fan, Michael Mangubat, Allison Zhong and Theodore C Friedman


Insulin-Stimulated Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase Phosphorylation Is AKT2-Dependent in C2C12 Skeletal Muscle Cells
Kathryn Hinchee-Rodriguez, Martin L Adamo, Bettie Sue Masters and Linda J Roman


Sexual Dimorphic Regulation of Insulin Action By CEACAM2
Simona S. Ghanem, Garrett Heinrich, Payal Patel and Sonia Michael Najjar


Regulation of CEACAM1 By Pparα-Dependent Mechanisms
Saja S. Khuder, Lucia Russo, Sadeesh Kumar Ramakrishnan, Qusai Al-Share, Garrett Heinrich, Sang Jun Lee, Terry D Hinds Jr., Brahma Raju Mopidevi, Yatrik Madhukar Shah, Edwin Ramon Sanchez and Sonia Michael Najjar


Testosterone Administration to Female Pigs Causes Dose- and Time-Related Changes in Serum Insulin and Differentially up-Regulates Insr and IRS1 Gene Expression in Adipose Tissue
Annie E Newell-Fugate, Monica Jarboe, Corinne Bromfield, Sherrie G Clark, Robert L Rosenfield, Janice M Bahr and Romana A Nowak


Novel Human Resistin Antagonist (monomeric C6A mutant) Reduced Body Weight Gain and Restored Insulin Responsiveness in Mice Fed High Fat Diet
Yacir Benomar, Gili Solomon, Hassina ould-Hamouda, Hamza Amine, Ahlem Othmane, Arieh Gertler and Mohammed Taouis


Odontella Aurita-Enriched High-Fat Diet Prevents High-Fat Diet Induced Insulin Resistance
Hamza Amine, Yacir Benomar, Nadia Meskini and Mohammed Taouis


Acute Exercise Increases Whole-Body Insulin Sensitivity in Adult Sheep
Glenn K Mcconell, Gunveen Kaur, Filippe Falcao-Tebas, Yet H Hong and Kathryn L Gatford


A Simple and Robust Targeted Quantitative Method for Insulin and Its Therapeutic Analogs
Eric E Niederkofler, Amanda Leber, Kwasi Antwi, Tara Schroeder, Kemmons A Tubbs, Bryan Krastins, Amol Prakash, Mary Lopez and Scott Peterman


Insulin Induced Hypoglycemia: Shedding Light on the Role of Somatostatin
Elisa Vergari, Reshma Ramracheya, Albert Salehi, Melissa Brereton, Anne Clark, Frances M Ashcroft and Patrik Rorsman