Quality Improvement Research/Patient or Provider Education (posters)


Multidisciplinary Thyroid Biopsy Clinic at the University of Vermont – a Comprehensive Educational Initiative and Experience
Madiha M Alvi, Aaron L. Klein, Alison Schneider, Matthew P. Gilbert, Joel J Schnure, Muriel H Nathan, Michael J. DeSarno, Scott R. Anderson and Annis M. Marney


Quality Improvement in Inpatient Diabetes Care Decreases Wasteful HbA1c Testing
Lena Shalem, Jonah Feldman, Gary Rothberger, Virginia Peragallo-Dittko and Sarah Walmsley


Improving Knowledge of Hospital Diabetes Management Requires More Than a Seminar
Timothy W. Bodnar, Jennifer J. MacDonald, Preethi V. Patil and Roma Yogesh Gianchandani


New Asian Diet Smartphone App to Target Patients with Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
Gloria Wu, Vinna Nam, Kimberly D. Pham, Byongdo Kim and Stephanie Tang


Success of Educational Interventions on Use of Incretin Agents in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Amy Larkin, Anne Le, Rob Bartel, Anne L Peters, Carol H Wysham and Lawrence Blonde



Continuous Professional Development in Iraq (2007-10): Peacebuilding By Volunteer Physicians in an Active Conflict Zone
Tara Rashid, Tariq Hasoon, Sharaf Aziz, Waleed Ansari, Agron Ferati, Rabih T Torbay, Michael W. Brennan, Majeed Jawad, Gerald E Evans, Ross I Donaldson and Robert J Ferry Jr.