GHRH, GH & IGF Biology & Signaling (posters)


Investigation of Real Time GH-Induced Ghr Dimer Conformational Change Using the Split Luciferase Complementation Assay
Ying Liu, Philip Alton Berry, Yue Zhang, Jing Jiang, Kurt R. Zinn and Stuart J Frank



Variation in GRP94 Activity Impacts Production of Igfs and Human Growth
Yair Argon, Adda Grimberg, Ron G Rosenfeld and Michal Marzec


Effects of up to 15 Years of Recombinant Human GH (rhGH) Replacement on Bone Metabolism in Adults with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD): The Leiden Cohort Study
Kim M.J.A. Claessen, Natasha M Appelman-Dijkstra, Neveen A.T. Hamdy, Alberto M. Pereira and N R Biermasz


Increased Visceral Adiposity and Cortisol to Cortisone Ratio Do Not Result in Insulin Resistance in Adults with Lifetime Isolated GH Deficency
Elenilde Gomes Santos, Roberto Salvatori, Thiago Oliveira Ferrão, Carla R .P. Oliveira, João A. M. Santana, Francisco Assis Pereira, Anita H O. Souza, Enaldo Vieira Melo, Carlos Carvalho Epitácio-Pereira, Ingrid Alves Silva Oliveira, Julianne Alves Machado, Francisco José Santana-Junior and Manuel H Aguiar-Oliveira


The Relation of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin with Insulin Resistance in Acromegaly
Nicoleta C Olarescu, Ansgar Heck, Kristin Godang and Jens Bollerslev


Recombinant Human IGF-I Administration As an Alternative to Oral Glucose Tolerance Testing for Acromegaly Diagnosis
John D. Carmichael, Vivien Shelley Bonert, Jan Frystyk, James Mirocha and Shlomo Melmed


Low Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Level Predicts Survival in Humans with Exceptional Longevity
Sofiya Milman, Gil Atzmon, Derek Huffman, Junxiang Wan, Jill P Crandall, Pinchas Cohen and Nir Barzilai


The Prevalence of Severe Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adult Thalassemic Patients, As Assessed By Two Different Stimulation Tests
Raffaella Radin, Leila Danesi, Elena Cassinerio, Laura Zanaboni, Maria Domenica Cappellini, Maurizio Poggi, Chiara Ottaviani, Vincenzo Toscano, Marco Zavattaro, Francesco Cavagnini, Luca Persani and Massimo Scacchi


Discordant Values for GH and IGF-I Are Prevalent in Acromegalic Patients Considered Well Controlled after Somatostatin Analog Treatment If Stringent Cut-off Values Are Applied: The Time Has Come for a Prospective Study
Jakob Dal, Jens Otto Jørgensen, Ansgar Heck, Jens Bollerslev, Marianne Andersen, Lars Oestergaard Kristensen, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Marianne C Klose, Jan Frystyk and Peter Laurberg


Rabbits Are a Suitable Animal Model for the Pre-Clinical Development of Growth Hormone Agonists and Antagonists
Maximilian Bielohuby, Sayyed Hamid Zarkesh-Esfahani, Jenny Manolopoulou, Mohaddesh Toghiany Khorasgani, Zahra Sadat Aghili, Ian Robert Wilkinson, Richard J Ross and Martin Bidlingmaier


The Association of Serum Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 with Depression in Community-Dwelling Older Individuals
Nadège C van Varsseveld, Christa Christina van Bunderen, Evelien Sohl, HC Comijs, B Penninx, Paul Lips and Madeleine L. Drent


GH Deficiency in HIV-Infected Patients Compared to Hypopituitary Patients
Giulia Brigante, Chiara Diazzi, Giulia Ferrannini, Sara De Vincentis, Giovanni Guaraldi, Anna Ansaloni, Manuela Simoni and Vincenzo Rochira


Evaluation of Thyroid Ultrasonographic Findings in Cases of Acromegaly
Naoki Edo, Megumi Miyakawa, Hisanori Suzuki, Akira Takeshita, Yasuhiro Takeuchi and Shozo Yamada


Establishing Reference Interval for IGF-I in a Brazilian Population for Liaison® Assay
Maria Izabel Chiamolera, Claudia M.A.F. Ferrer, Jose de Sa, Milena Gurgel Teles, Rosa Paula Mello Biscolla and Jose Gilberto Vieira


The Patro Adults Study of Omnitrope® for the Treatment of Adult Patients with Growth Hormone Deficiency: Latest Results
Paolo Beck-Peccoz, Charlotte Höybye, Robert D Murray, Suat Simsek, Alfonso Leal-Cerro, Francesco Minuto, Markus Zabransky and Gunter Stalla