Clinical Aspects of Non-Functioning Pituitary Tumors (posters)


A Review of Treatment with Cabergoline for Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenomas
Netee Papneja, Gudrun Martina Caspar-Bell, Syed Ali Imran, Paul Edward Cooper and Stan Van Uum


Evaluation of SSTR2, SSTR3 and SSTR5 and DRD2-Long and Short Isoforms Gene Expression in Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas
Paulo Vinicius Gonçalves Holanda Amorim, Ericka Barbosa Trarbach, Cristina B Formiga, Mariana F Guzzo, Valter Angelo Sperling Cescato, Andrea Glezer and Marcello D Bronstein


Towards a Better Quality of Life (QoL) for Patients with Pituitary Diseases: Results from a Focus Group Study Exploring Qol
Cornelie D. Andela, Nienke D. Niemeijer, Margreet Scharloo, Jitske Tiemensma, Shaaji Kanagasabapathy, Alberto M. Pereira, Noëlle GA Kamminga, Adrian A Kaptein and Nienke R. Biermasz


Immunohistochemical Profile of Clinically Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas
Rafael Loch Batista, Nina de Castro Musolino, Clarissa Groberio Borba, Valter Angelo Sperling Cescato, Gilberto Ochman Silva and Malebranche Cunha Neto


Comparative Study of Silent Corticotrophic Adenomas and Null CELL Pituitary Adenomas
Rafael Loch Batista, Malebranche Cunha Neto, Clarissa Groberio Borba, Valter Angelo Sperling Cescato, Gilberto Ochman Silva and Nina de Castro Musolino


Recovery of Hypopituitarism after Surgical or Medical Therapy for Pituitary Adenoma
Marcello D Bronstein, Cristina BF Bueno, Milena Caccelli, Mariana F Guzzo, Thais P Sickler, Felipe HG Duarte, Andrea Glezer and Raquel S Jallad


Correlation Between Atypical Pituitary Adenomas and Ki-67 Li: Clinical and Prognostic Aspects
Sabrina Chiloiro, Antonio Bianchi, Antonella Giampietro, Donato Iacovazzo, Barbara Trapasso, Serena Piacentini, Linda Tartaglione, Francesca Lugli, Alfredo Pontecorvi and Laura De Marinis


Increased Risk of Diabetes Mellitus in Pituitary Patients Compared to the General Population As Represented By NHANES
Alison K Cullinane, Rie Maurer, Erin A Crocker, Edward Raymond Laws Jr. and Whitney W Woodmansee


Change of GH Secretion in Patients with Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenom
Shingo Fujio, Yuki Kasamo, Mika Habu, Syunji Yunoue, Hirofumi Hirano, Hiroshi Tokimura, Hiroshi Arimura, Yoshihiko Nishio and Kazunori Arita


Evaluation of Atherosclerosis after Cessation of Cabergoline Therapy in Patients with Prolactinoma: Preliminary Results of a Prospective Cohort Study
Bercem Aycicek Dogan, Ayse Arduc, Mazhar Muslum Tuna, Narin Nasiroglu Imga, Serhat Isik, Dilek Berker and Serdar Guler


The Effect of Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in Adults with Severe Growth Hormone Deficiency
Yuki Kasamo, Shingo Fujio, Mika Habu, Syunji Yunoue, Hirofumi Hirano, Hiroshi Tokimura and Kazunori Arita


Clinicopathological Features of Pituitary Silent Subtype III Adenomas
Ozgur Mete, Karen Gomez Hernandez, Shereen Z Ezzat and Sylvia L. Asa


Evolving Clinical Management of Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenomas: Improved Surgical Clearance Reduces Requirement for Prophylactic Radiotherapy
Michael William O'Reilly, Gabriella Bugg, Harriet Pearce, Rosalind Mitchell, Andrew Alan Toogood, Neil John Gittoes and John Ayuk


Predictors of Recurrence in Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenomas after Surgery: A Single Institution Follow-up Experience
Bernardo Dias Pereira, Tiago Nunes Silva, Henrique Vara Luiz, Luisa Raimundo and Jorge Ralha Portugal


Extension Patterns in Pituitary Macroadenomas and Relation to T2-Weighted Signal on Diagnostic MRI Examinations
Iulia Potorac, Françoise Cattin, Julie Kreutz, Patrick Petrossians, Albert Beckers and Jean-François Bonneville


A Case for Conservative Management: Natural History of Radiographically Diagnosed Rathke Cleft Cysts
Silas Culver, Yuval Grober, David A Ornan, James Patrie, Edward Hudson Oldfield, John Anthony Jane Jr. and Michael O Thorner


Hypopituitarism Patterns and Prevalence Among Men with Macroprolactinomas
Amit Tirosh, Carlos Benbassat, Avner Lifshitz and Ilan Shimon


Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenomas: A Retrospective Study of 134 Patients
Gustavo Varela, Nicolas Picon, Karina Danilowicz, Marcos Manavela and Oscar Domingo Bruno


Comparison of Quality of Life in Patients with Non-Functioning Pituitary Adenomas Who Had Received Radiotherapy and Those Who Had Not
Guadalupe Vargas, Baldomero Gonzalez, Etual Espinosa, Victoria Mendoza and Moises Mercado


Clinical Features and Outcomes of Incidentally Discovered Pituitary Adenomas in Castilla La Mancha (Spain) ; A Retrospective Multicenter Study
Almudena Vicente, Cristina Lamas, Miguel Aguirre, Julia Silva, Mubarak Alramadán and Iván Quiroga


Natural History of Pituitary Incidentalomas: A Canadian Perspective
Churn-Ern Yip, Netee Papneja, Syed Mohammad, Khaled M AlDahmani, Mary MacNeil, Deborah A Zwicker, Chris Theriault, Kara Thompson, Stan Van Uum, David B Clarke and Syed Ali Imran