Clinical Studies in Obesity (posters)


Genes Previously Demonstrating Association with Adult Obesity and Birthweight Have Few Sex-Specific Associations with Newborn Adiposity
Reeti Chawla, Loren Lynette Armstrong, Janani Rangarajan, Denise Scholtens, M. Geoffrey Hayes and William L. Lowe Jr.


Dual Insulin Resistance in Muscle and Liver, but Not a Single Site, Is Associated with Visceral and Liver Lipid Accumulation in Obesity
Daniel Li Tu Chen, Dorit Samocha-Bonet, Carsten Liess, Anne Poljak, Aimin Xu, J Zhang, Christian Thoma, Mike Trenell, Brad Milner, Arthur Jenkins, Don Chisholm and Jerry R Greenfield


Longitudinal Changes in Glucocorticoid Metabolism Are Associated with Later Development of Adverse Metabolic Phenotype
Rachel K Crowley, Beverly Hughes, Joanna Gray, Theresa McCarthy, Susan Hughes, Cedric H Shackleton, Nicola Crabtree, Peter Nightingale, Paul M Stewart and Jeremy W Tomlinson


Relationships Between 24h Urine Free Cortisol and Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Children
Thomas Reinehr, Alexandra Kulle, Barbara Wolters, Caroline Knop, Nina Lass, Maik Welzel and Paul-Martin Holterhus


Adrenarche in Male Childhood Obesity : Exaggerated or Just Accelerated ?
Sara Vandewalle, Tom Fiers, Youri Taes, Patrick Debode, Maria Van Helvoirt, Inge Roggen, Jean-Marc Kaufman and Jean De Schepper


Changes in Total and Regional Fat Mass during Strength Training Were Inversely Associated with Improved Insulin Sensitivity Assessed By Euglycemic Hyperinsulinemic Clamp
Marianne Andersen, Louise Christensen, Thue Kvorning, Rasmus Larsen, David Hougaard, Kim Brixen, Kurt Højlund and Dorte Glintborg


Sexual Dimorphism of the Human Milieu Intérieur Proteome in Overweight and Obese Men and Women
Nasser Mohmmed Al-Daghri, Majed S Alokail, Theodoros I Roumeliotis, Omar Al-Attas, Khalid Alkharfy, Sherif H Abd-Alrhaman, Shaun Sabico, Antigoni Manousopoulou, Akul Singhania, Christopher Woelk, Paul Townsend, George P. Chrousos and Spiro D Garbis


24-Hour Core Body Temperature Is Lower in Postmenopausal Women Than Premenopausal Women: Potential Implications for Energy Metabolism and Mid-Life Weight Gain
Lisa M Neff, Dinah M Zeiss, Mindy Hoffmann, Katherine Lowry, Monica Edwards, Sarah Rodriguez, Kelley Wachsberg, Robert Kushner and Lewis Landsberg


Estradiol Levels in Men Are Not Correlated Cross-Sectionally with Intra-Abdominal Fat Area and Do Not Predict Change in This Fat Depot Longitudinally
Beverly M Kocarnik, Steven E Kahn, Wilfred Y Fujimoto, Tomoshige Hayashi, Marguerite J McNeely, Donna Leonetti and Edward J Boyko


Waist-to-Height Ratio Performs As Well As Waist Circumference As the Principal Adiposity Indicator of Cardiometabolic Risk Across Five Ethnic Groups of Midlife Women
Megan Crawford, Chandra Chataut, Elizabeth F Avery, Imke Janssen, Lynda H Powell, Howard M Kravitz and Rasa Kazlauskaite


Association Between the Distribution of Body Fat and the Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus Among Elderly Japanese
Yoshimi Tatsukawa, Michiko Yamada, Keiko Ueda, Ikuno Takahashi, Waka Ohishi and Shuhei Nakanishi


The Importance of the Reproductive History in Women Undergoing Bariatric Surgery
James N Anasti Jr., Angel Gonzales-Rios, Leonardo Claros, Maher El Chaar and Elizabeth Mary Vessio


The Obesity Paradox: Heart Failure Mortality Is Lower in Obese Patients
Paula Freitas, Joana Isabel Oliveira, Eva Lau, Mariana Lobo, Tiago Silva Costa, Alberto Freitas and Davide Carvalho


The Relationship Between the Distribution of Abdominal Fat and Thyroid Function
Yaxin Lai, Chenyan Li, Jinyuan Mao, Aihua Liu, Weiping Teng and Zhongyan Shan


Waist Cut-off Values to Predict Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Hypertension Risk in Arab Adults
Naji J Aljohani, Nasir Alhamdan, Ahmed Bahnassy and Ashwag Alfagih


Does Body Mass Index Affect Midnight Salivary Cortisol Level in Obese Patients ?
Meral Mert, Refik Tanakol, Hande Karpuzoglu, Semra Dogru Abbasoglu, Ozlem Soyluk Selcukbiricik, Harika Boztepe, Sema Yarman and Faruk Alagol


Alarming Trends in Obesity Among Youth; Impact on Vitamin D Levels?
Juma Musabah Alkaabi, Syed Shah and Fatima Almaskari


Body Fat Estimation in HIV Positive Nigerians Using Bia
Paulyn Chinwe Nwaukwa, Boladale Alalade, Anthony Chinedu Anyanwu, Sandra Omozehio Iwuala and Augustine E Ohwovoriole


Increased Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Social Withdrawal and Delinquent /Aggressive Behaviors in a Clinical Population of Obese Children and Adolescents: Is Salivary Cortisol the Link?
Panagiota Pervanidou, Giorgos Chouliaras, Despoina Bastaki, Katerina Papanicolaou, Christina Kanaka-Gantenbein and George P. Chrousos


Comparison of Surrogate Measures of Percentage Body Fat with Standard Techniques in Nigerians
Alalade Boladale, Oluwarotimi Bolaji Olopade, Sandra Omozehio Iwuala and Augustine E Ohwovoriole


Impacts of Childhood Maltreatment on Obesity and Its Mechanisms
Li Li, Richard Shelton and Barbara Ann Gower


Central Obesity and Metabolic Risk Factors in Middle-Aged Chinese
Xueyao Yin, Fenping Zheng, Jiaqiang Zhou, Ying Du, Qianqian Pan, Saifei Zhang, Dan Yu and Hong Li