Endocrine Neoplasia Case Reports (posters)


Metastatic Parathyroid Carcinoma and Hypercalcemia Responds to Treatment with Sorafenib
Naifa L Busaidy, Maria E Cabanillas, Ramona Dadu, Camilo Jimenez, Mouhammed Amir Habra, Ara Vaporciyan, Lilah Morris, Nancy D Perrier and Ana Oliveira Hoff


Sorafenib Treatment Improves Refractory Hypercalcemia in a Patient with Metastatic Parathyroid Carcinoma: A Case Report
Antonio M Lerario, Regina M Martin, Ana Oliveira Hoff, Marilena Nakaguma, Gilberto Castro Jr., Carlos Henrique Teixeira, Marcos Menezes, Vanessa Dalalio and Berenice B Mendonca


The Role of PTH Sampling in the Treatment of Recurrent Parathyroid Carcinoma
Anne Marie Hannon, Deirdre Fitzgerald, David Tuite, Patrick Sheehan and Antoinette A Tuthill


38 Year-Old Female with Recurrent Hypercalcemia and Hyperprolactinemia with a Novel Mutation in MEN1 Gene
Olesya Krivospitskaya, Sarah Nielsen, Ronald N Cohen and David H Sarne


Primary Hyperparathyroidism in a Patient with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 2B
Sarah Berend, Antoine Bennet, Alexandre Buffet, Delphine Vezzosi, Solange Grunenwald and Philippe Caron



Ectopic Insulin Secreting Neuroendocrine Tumor Arising from Kidney: A Diagnostic Dilemma
Viveka Jyotsna, Selvarajan Ramkumar, C J Das, C Bal, Amlesh Seth and M C Sharma



Case Report of an Insulinoma in a 48 Year-Old Female
Ashley Ann Thorsell and Matthew Jason Levine


A Rare Case of Insulinoma Presenting without Fasting Hypoglycemia
Aditya Varnam Shreenivas and Vivien Leung


An Ovarian Carcinoid Tumour Presenting with Carcinoid Heart Disease
Laura Joan McCreight, James G Boyle and Russell S Drummond


Cryptogenic Gastrin Elevation: The Search Is on
Anne E Bantle and Sidney A Jones


Diarrhea and Vipoma
Hui Peng, W Tabb Moore and Lynt Johnson


Challenges Associated with the Management of Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia 1
Cherng Jye Seow, Seng Kiong Tan, Kar Mun Eu, Dao Ming Gerard Lim, Kok Seng Melvin Lee, Wen Yang Benjamin Ho and Pei Shan Yeo


Acromegaly Due to Ectopic Secretion of GHRH Mimicking a GH-Secreting Pituitary Adenoma: The Role of Imaging and GHRH Assay
Nathalie Oliveira Santana, Raquel S Jallad, Felipe HG Duarte, Rachel Simoes Pimenta Riechelmann, Veronique Raverot, Jacqueline Trouillas, Gerald Raverot and Marcello D Bronstein


Ectopic Acromegaly Caused By Hepatic Metastasis of a Pulmonary Neuroendocrine Tumour
Eduarda Resende, Joana Oliveira Couto, Raquel Martins, Maritza Sá, Margarida Ferreira, Ana Paula Santos, Isabel Torres and Silvestre Abreu


Cushing's Syndrome and Unknown Hypoglycaemia in a Patient with Adrenocortical Carcinoma
Zsuzsanna Valkusz, Krisztian Sepp, Gabriella Uhercsak, Andras Voros, Andras Palko and Miklos Toth


Ectopic Cushing's Syndrome Due to a Bronchial ACTH-Secreting Carcinoid Successfully Treated with Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA)
Salvatore Maria Corsello, Paola Senes, Roberto Iezzi, Maria Vittoria Rufini, Maria Teresa Congedo, Rosa Maria Paragliola and Alfredo Pontecorvi


A Curious Case of a Secreting Adrenocortical Carcinoma
Thomas Jensen, David R. Saxon and Marc-Andre Cornier


Long-Term Follow-up of Cabergoline Treatment in Occult Ectopic Acth Syndrome
Milena Caccelli, Maria Candida B V Fragoso, Ludmila Malveira, Marcello D Bronstein and Marcio Carlos Machado



Nephrotic Syndrome Revealing an Ectopic Secretion of ACTH By a Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor
Jamila Carpin, Miro Popescu, François Delanoe, Lyonel Belia, Amandine Berdelou and Fritz-Line Velayoudom-Cephise


Clinical Manifestations of SDH Associated Bladder Paragangliomas
Amrita Banerjee, Umasuthan Srirangalingam, Emad George, Daniel Berney, Prasad Patki, John Peters, Maralyn Druce, Mona Waterhouse, Shern L Chew, Anju Sahdev, William Drake and Scott Alexander Akker


SDAHF2: A Novel Mutation in Phaeochromocytoma
Ruth Casey, Aoife Garrahy, Mary Casey, Paula o'Shea and Marcia Bell


Familial Paraganglioma Type 1 Presenting with Sncope in Young Female
Mohamad Hosam Horani, Omar Salim, Mahmood Shahlapour, Anuja Choure and Khalid Salim


Pitfalls in Diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma
Mine Adas, Bora Koc and Gokhan Adas



Adrenal Ganglio Neuroma – the Great Mimic?
Maria Batool, Lynn A Burmeister and John P Bantle


Determining the Timing of Surgery for the Best Clinical Outcome in Pheochromocytoma Crisis Resulting in Multi-Organ Failure and Catecholamine-Induced Cardiomyopathy
Ravi Iyengar, Audrey Haywood, Semil B Mehta, Tricia A Moo-Young, Deva Boone, Richard A Prinz, William D Kerr Jr. and Liana K Billings


Diagnostic and Management Challenges with Multifocal Pheochromocytoma
Christine Jane Orr and William Louis Harper


A Case of MEN2A Associated to Leu56Met RET Mutation
Salvatore Maria Corsello, Rosa Maria Paragliola, Rosa Maria Lovicu, Vincenzo Di Donna, Angelo Minucci, Ettore Capoluongo and Alfredo Pontecorvi


MEN2A and Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia – an Unusual Finding in Post-Operative Screening
Anne Marie Hannon, Patrick Sheehan, Adrian Brady and Antoinette A Tuthill