New Insights in GPCR Structure and Function


N-Terminal Signaling Peptide of CRF Receptor 2b Is a Key Mediator of Ligand-Dependent Trafficking and Signaling
Shilpi Mahajan, Juan A Oses-Prieto, Dimitris Grammatopoulos, Alma L Burlingame and Aditi Bhargava


Identification of a New Target for 3-Iodotyonamine (T1AM)
Juliane Dinter, Jessica Mühlhaus, Carolin Leonie Piechowski, Anne Müller, Daniela Nürnberg, Annette Grueters, Josef Köhrle, Chun-Xia Yi, Matthias H. Tschöp, Heiko Krude, Gunnar Kleinau and Heike Biebermann


RNF11: A Potential Link Between Chronic Inflammation in Obesity, Hypothalamic GPCR-Signaling and Control of Energy Homeostasis
Anne Müller, Franziska Meyer, Gunnar Kleinau, Heiko Krude, Annette Grüters-Kieslich and Heike Biebermann