GHRH, GH & IGF Biology


Overweight/Obese Adults with Pituitary Disorders Require Lower Peak Growth Hormone (GH) Cut-off Values on Glucagon Stimulation Testing (GST) to Avoid Overdiagnosis of Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)
Laura E. Dichtel, Kevin C.J. Yuen, Miriam A. Bredella, Anu V. Gerweck, Brian M. Russell, Ariana D. Riccio, Michelle H. Gurel, Stacy E. Legg, Patrick M. Sluss, Beverly MK Biller and Karen K. Miller


Effect of a Soluble IGF-1 Receptor Extracellular Domain Fragment on GH Signaling
Yujun Gan, Andrew J. Paterson, Yue Zhang, Ashiya Buckels, Jing Jiang and Stuart J Frank


Sexual Dimorphic Impact of Adult-Onset Hepatic GH Resistance on Glucose and Lipid Metabolism
Jose Cordoba-Chacon, Neena Majumdar, Edward O List, John J Kopchick and Rhonda D. Kineman


Sleep Disordered Breathing in Acromegaly Revisited: Novel Insights from the Largest Study of Polysomnography in De Novo Acromegaly
Andrew S Powlson, Anand K Annamalai, Alison J Webb, Samantha Moir, John M Shneerson and Mark Gurnell