Metastasis & Tumor Progression; Neoplasia of Endocrine Tissues


A Novel Phyto-Antiestrogen Inhibits Motility of Letrozole Resistant Breast Cancer Cells through Increased TGFβ2
Syreeta L Tilghman, Shawn Dion Llopis, Patrick Carriere, Lynez Preyan, Anna Naiki, Gina Nguyen, Mary Nguyen, Jamal Pratt, KiTani Parker-Lemieux, Christopher C Williams and Guangdi Wang


A Novel Modulator of Cell Invasion and Metastasis
Rachel Watkins, Neil Sharma, Vicki Smith, Rachel S Fletcher, Martin Read, Bhavika Modasia, Waraporn Imruetaicharoenchoke, Vikki Louise Poole, Jayne A Franklyn, Kristien Boelaert and Christopher John McCabe


The Impact of Fibroblasts on Proliferation and Migration of Human Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cells: A Novel Pivotal Role in Tumor Microenvironment?
Thomas Cuny, Peter van Koetsveld, Fadime Dogan, Georges Weryha, Wouter W. de Herder, Alain Enjalbert, Anne Barlier and Leo J. Hofland


Insulin Increases Migration and Invasion in Androgen Deprived Prostate Cancer Cells
Phoebe Sarkar, Jennifer H Gunter, Amy A Lubik, Nataly Stylianou, Brett Hollier and Colleen C. Nelson