Growth and GH: Diagnostic Issues and Treatment (posters)


Parental Concerns about Growth in Children and Their Impact on Seeking Medical Evaluation and Treatment
Pamela A. Cousounis, Kenneth R. Ginsburg, Terri H. Lipman, Andrew J. Cucchiara and Adda Grimberg


A Reappraisal of the Cut-off Limits of the Peak GH Response to Stimulation Tests for the Diagnosis of GH Deficiency in Children and Adolescents
Chiara Guzzetti, Anastasia Ibba, Sabrina Pilia, Nadia Beltrami, Natascia Di Iorgi, Alessandra Rollo, Giorgio Radetti, Stefano Zucchini, Mohamad Maghnie, Marco Cappa and Sandro Loche


Congenital Hypopituitarism: Clinical, Biochemical and Neuroradiological Relationships
Mirta Beatriz Miras, Laura Castro, Silvia Edith Martin, Constanza Pelliza, Adriana Rebeca Boyanovsky, Graciela Testa, Liliana Muñoz, Gabriela Sobrero and Liliana Silvano


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) As a Tool to Identify Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension in Pediatric Patients Under GH Therapy
Thais Kataoka Homma, Rafael Estevão de Angelis, Cristiane Kochi, Eduarda Tebet Ajeje, Marco Bonini Filho, Davi Chen Wu and Carlos Alberto Longui




Safety and Efficacy Results of a 6 Month, Randomized, Multi-Center Trial of a Novel Long-Acting Rhgh (VRS-317) in Naïve to Treatment, Pre-Pubertal Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)
George M Bright, Wayne V Moore, H. Q. Nguyen, Gad B. Kletter, Bradley Miller, Douglas G. Rogers, Eric Humphriss and Jeffrey L Cleland


Production and Characterization of Mod-4023, a LONG Acting Growth Hormone Supporting Clinical and Commercial Drug Product Supply
Oren Hershkovitz, Laura Moschcovich, Rachel Guy, Yana Felikman, Ahuva Bar Ilan, Ron G Rosenfeld, Vivian Hwa and Eyal Fima


Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Profile of Once-Weekly, CTP-Modified Human Growth Hormone (MOD-4023): Phase 2 Dose Finding Study in Children with Ghd Deficiency
Gili Hart, Zvi Zadik, Klaudziya Radziuk, Nataliya Zelinska,, Oleg Malievsky, Violeta Iotova, Julia Skorodok, Ronit Koren, Leanne Amitzi and Eyal Fima




The Effect of Growth Hormone Treatment on Height in Children with Idiopathic Short Stature
Hwal Rim Jeong, Young Seok Shim, Hae Sang Lee and Jin Soon Hwang


Psychological Changes in Children Following Growth Hormone Treatment
Emily C Walvoord, Ariana H Greene, Jennifer M Katzenstein and Brenna C McDonald


Growth Hormone Improves Short Stature in Children with Diamond-Blackfan Anemia
Jonathan Christian Howell, Sarita Joshi, Lindsey Hornung, Jane Khoury, Richard Harris and Susan R Rose