Non-neoplastic Thyroid Disorders-Clinical and Case Reports (posters)


Opthalmopathy: Severe Euthyroid Graves or Extravascular CLL?
Sonika Gupta, Constance L Fry, Maria Luis Policarpio-Nicolas and Jan M Bruder


Apathetic Hyperthyroidism in a 35-Year Old Woman
Adriana Gonzalez, Tiffany Marie Cortes and Ali Atef Zaied


Thyroid Ultrasound Is More Sensitive Than 131I Imaging in Detecting Recurrence of Papillary Thyroid Cancer in Youth
Marina Goldis, Evan Graber, Michelle Klein, Elizabeth Wallach, Lindsey Waldman, Dennis Jay Chia, Molly Oliver Regelmann and Robert Rapaport


Hyperthyroidism and Atrial Fibrillation after Parathyroidectomy
Dorothy A Fink, Kim Thien Nguyen, Jessica Furst, Salila Kurra, Susana A Ebner and John P Bilezikian


Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder and Neuropathy: A Rare Association
César Esteves, Celestino Neves, Fernando Silveira and Davide Carvalho


Non-Traumatic Thyroid Hematoma in a Child
Sarah El Yaman, Kenneth H Hupart and Renee Bargman


Thyroid Storm Induced By Electrical Shock Delivered By a Taser Gun
Myrto Eliades, Sarada Jaimungal, Yasaman Mohtasebi, Kashif M. Munir and Komal Patil-Sisodia



Flushing: Often a Forgotten Symptom for Medullary Thyroid Cancer
Farheen Kassim Dojki, Beatriz Tendler, Robert Udelsman, Sidra Azim and Patricia Donovan