Thyroid Pediatric Endocrinology (posters)


Heterozygosis for Inactive Type-3 Deiodinase Gene in Mice Results in Delayed Puberty in Males and Precocious Puberty with Low Fertility in Females
Suzy Bianco, Diana Martinez, Renata Machado Soares, Elizabeth Mora Garzon, Lattoya J Lartey, Tatiana L Fonseca, Layla M Camargos, Elizabeth A McAninch and Antonio C Bianco


Increasing Incidence of Juvenile Thyrotoxicosis in Denmark
Dorte Hansen, Rikke Havgaard Mikkelsen and Maria Smedegaard Andersen


Presence of Brown Adipose Tissue in the Absence of Thyroid Hormone in a Severely Hypothyroid Adolescent
Mimi S. Kim, Houchun H Hu, Mitchell E. Geffner, Patricia C Aggabao, Anh Dao-Tran and Vicente Gilsanz


Ultrasound Characteristics of Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Children
Mamatha Kambalapalli, Gary Lee Francis and Anshu Gupta


Pediatric Polycystic Thyroid: Rare Innocent Finding or Harbinger of Disease?
Eileen A. Báez, Marie L. Haymon and Stuart Alan Chalew


Optimizing Congenital Hypothyroidism Follow-up in the First 3 Years of Life
Toni Eimicke, Jeanne Parker, Eleanor Mulcahy, Alan Howard Morris and Jerrold S. Olshan