Neuroendocrinology & Pituitary (posters)


Effect of Tolvaptan on Symptoms and Length of Stay in Hospitalized Patients with Dilutional Hyponatremia: Analysis of Salacia, a Prospective, Randomized Clinical Trial
Michael Koren, Jaime Blais, Frank S Czerwiec, John Ouyang, Biff F. Palmer, Kimberly Sikes, Lily Shi and Ann M Dandurand


Early Endocrine Alterations Reflect Prolonged Stress and May Predict One-Year Functional Outcome in Patients with Severe Brain Injury
Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Djordje Marina, Marianne C Klose, Anette Nordenbro and Annette Liebach


Knockout Zebrafish Model for the Understanding of Prolactin Action
Yuqing Shu, Qiyong Lou, Jiangyan He and Zhan Yin