Cardiovascular Endocrinology (posters)


Low Dose Spironolactone Treatment Prevents Cardiac Diastolic Dysfunction, Oxidant Stress and Fibrosis in a Model of Insulin Resistance and Obesity in Concert with a Modulation of Inflammation
Brian P Bostick, Javad Habibi, Lixin Ma, Nathan Rehmer, Shawn B Bender, Alex Meuth, Ravi Nistala, Susan C McKarns, Guanghong Jia, Mona Garro and James R. Sowers


Aldosterone-Producing Cell Clusters: Harbingers of Primary Aldosteronism?
William E. Rainey, Koshiro Nishimoto, Celso E. Gomez-Sanchez and Aalok Rajen Sanjanwala


Postprandial and Chrebp Mediated Hepatic Pander Expression
Whitney A Danse, Melanie N Kuehl, Alicia C Chechele and Brant R Burkhardt