Thyroid Hormone Action, Cancer and Clinical Thyroid


Analysis of the Effects of T3 and T4 on the Hypoxia Response Network of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Andrea Maria Mueller, Kathrin A Schmohl, Kerstin Knoop, Nicole Salb, Christina Schug, Alexandra Wechselberger, Nathalie Schwenk, Peter J Nelson and Christine Spitzweg


Thyroid Hormone-Mediated Autophagy Regulates Oxidative Fiber Proportion in Skeletal Muscle
Ronny Lesmana, Rohit Anthony Sinha, Brijesh Kumar Singh, Zhou Jin, Kenji Ohba, Benjamin Livingston Farah, Winifred WY Yau, Ya Jun Wu, Boon-Huat Bay and Paul Michael Yen


Identification of Three Amino Acid Residues That Confer DNA-Binding Specificity of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Isoforms
Irene O Aninye, Vitor M S Pinto, Shuiqing Qiu, Shunichi Matsumoto and Fredric Edward Wondisford