From the Genome to the Clinic: Growth and Puberty Disorders


Restoration of Hypoxia-Induced Changes of Plasma mGH and IGF-1 Concentrations in Neonatal Mice in Response to hGH Treatment
Susan Jung, Mandy Richter-Kraus, Florian Brackmann, Helmuth G. Doerr and Regina Trollmann


Influence of GH Receptor Gene Variants within Coding and Intronic Regions in Children with Idiopathic Short Stature (ISS) on Height and Components of the GH/IGF-I/IGFBP System
María Gabriela Ballerini, Paula A. Scaglia, Ignacio Bergadá, Alicia Martinez, Mercedes Altube, Ana C. Keselman, Débora Braslavsky, María Gabriela Ropelato, Hector G. Jasper and Horacio M Domene


Effect of Summer Daylight Exposure and Genetic Background on Growth in Growth Hormone Deficient (GHD) Children
Chiara De Leonibus, Pierre Chatelain, Chris Knight, Peter Clayton and Adam Stevens