Diabetes Genetics & Epidemiology (posters)


Monogenic Diabetes and Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing in the Mody Registry Cohort of Poland
Magdalena Szopa, Agnieszka ludwig-Galezowska, Julita Machlowska, Jan Skupien, Piotr Radkowski, Tomasz Klupa, Beata kiec-Wilk, Iwona Wybranska, Pawel Wolkow and Maciej Malecki


Younger Ethiopian Immigrants Are at Greater Risk for Diabetes As Compared to Age-Matched New Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union
Anat Jaffe, Shmuel Giveon, Liat Wulffhart, Bernice Oberman, Laurence Freedman, Arnona Ziv and Ofra Kalter-Leibovici



The Change of Proportion in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Korean Children and Adolescents
Eun Byul Kwon, Hwal Rim Jeong, Young Suk Shim, Hae Sang Lee, Jungsub Lim and Jin Soon Hwang


Diabetes Knowledge and Its Impact on Diabetes Control and Complications Awareness
Khaled Abdullah Alswat, Turki M. Almalki, Naif R. Almalki and Khalid Balbid


A High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry Multiplexed Assay to Measure Insulin and C-Peptide
Steven W. Taylor, Richard E Reitz, Nigel J. Clarke and Michael J. McPhaul


Insulin-Degrading Enzyme Activity in Human Plasma; Alteration with Diabetes
Frederick G Hamel, Matthew Purbaugh, Robert Heineman, Robert G. Bennett, Gerri Siford and Cyrus V Desouza