Insulin Signaling and Resistance (posters)


Immunoneutralization of Glucose-Dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide (GIP) Attenuates the Development of Obesity in Mice
M. Michael Wolfe, Patricia A. Glazebrook, Milos Tatalovic and Michael O. Boylan


Intracellular Calcium Leak Via RyR2 Induces ER Stress and Impairs Mitochondrial Fitness in Pancreatic Beta Cells Leading to Glucose Intolerance
Gaetano Santulli, Gennaro Pagano, Celestino Sardu, Steven Ross Reiken, Michele Cannone, Salvatore D Ascia, Nicola Marziliano, Bruno Trimarco, Theresa Ann Guise, Alain Lacampagne and Andrew Marks


Metabolic Effects of Smokers Undergoing Smoking Cessation
Stanley Hsia, Monica DesNoyers, Martin L. Lee, Candice Goldstein and Theodore C Friedman



Virilizing Concentrations of Serum Testosterone in Female Pigs May Differentially Affect Insulin Signaling in Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue
Anne E Newell-Fugate, Monica Jarboe, Corinne Bromfield, Andrea Braundmeier-Fleming, Sherrie G Clark, Robert L Rosenfield, Janice M Bahr and Romana A Nowak


Glutathione Depletion Alters Acylcarnitine Flux and Insulin Signaling in Primary Human Skeletal Myocytes
Maria Clarissa Yasmin Ong Tio, Sarah E. Seiler, Dorothy H. Slentz, Timothy R. Koves and Deborah M. Muoio


Glycemia regulates Rat Humanin (rHN) and Rhn associates with insulin molecules in insulin-producing cells
Akari Utsunomiya, Vladislava Paharkova, Joe Capri, Whitelegge Julian and Kuk-Wha Lee


Insulin Clearance Cannot be Accurately Measured from a Hyperinsulinemic Clamp
Isaac Asare-Bediako, Rebecca Paszkiewicz, Miguel Burch, Richard N Bergman and Stella P Kim


Comprehensive Longitudinal Multi-Omic Profiling Reveals Molecular Signatures Associated with Prediabetes at Steady State and during Weight Gain
Brian D Piening, Wenyu Zhou, Kimberly R Kukurba, Gucci Gu, Kevin Contrepois, Colleen Craig, Dalia Perleman, Tracey L McLaughlin and Michael P Snyder


Palmitic Acid Enhances TLR4 Expression and Promotes Resistin/TLR4 Signaling
Hamza Amine, Yacir Benomar, Arieh Gertler and Mohammed Taouis


Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase Phosphorylation Under Normal and Insulin-Resistant Conditions in Mouse Skeletal Muscle
Kathryn Hinchee-Rodriguez, Rekha Kar, Martin L Adamo, Linda J Roman and Bettie Sue Masters


Serum Free Vitamin-D Levels May be Better Predictors of Insulin Resistance in Individuals with Prediabetes
Samim ALI Mondal, Manoj Kumar, Deep Dutta, Parna Choudhury, Sasanka Chakrabarti and Satinath Mukhopadhyay


Reduction of Glucose-6-Phosphate Transporter Expression in Adipose Tissue Ameliorates Glucose Homeostasis and Insulin Resistance in Diabetic Mice
Shiliu Tian, Xiwen Liu, Yong Wu, Adaku Ume, Guadalupe Navarro, Desean L. Lee, Michael Mangubat, Theodore C Friedman and Yan Jun Liu


Maternal Cinnamon Intake during Lactation Leads to Higher Serum Insulin and Leptin Levels of Their Adult Male Offspring in Rats
Thais Bento Bernardes, Jéssika Geisebel Neto, Thaiane Gadioli Gaique, Renata Frauches Medeiros, Carmen C Pazos Moura and Karen Jesus Oliveira


Ginkgo Biloba Extract Improves Insulin Signaling in Retroperitoneal Adipose Tissue Depot of Obese Rats
Bruna Kelly Sousa Hirata, Renata Mancini Banin, Ana Paula Segantine Dornellas, Luciana Chagas Caperuto, Lila Missae Oyama, Eliane Beraldi Ribeiro and Monica Marques Telles


Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Extreme Insulin Resistance
Cemre Robinson, Elaine Cochran, Phillip Gorden and Rebecca J. Brown