Fundamental Islet Cell Biology


NFAT Stimulates Beta-Cell Proliferation and Insulin Secretion in Human and Mouse Islets
Mark P Keller, Pradyut K Paul, Mary E Rabaglia, Donnie S Stapleton, Jose Rodriguez-Martinez, Ning Leng, Christopher L Plaisier, Melkam A Kabede, Mark A Klein, Nitin S Baliga, Brian S Yandell, Christina Kendziorski, Aseem Z Ansari and Alan D Attie


The Role of Adenosine Kinase in Pancreatic β-Cell Regeneration
Guadalupe Navarro, Zhengshan Zhao, Neali Armstrong, Robert Nichols and Justin P Annes


Lineage Tracing Indicates That a- to b-Cell Transdifferentiation Is Enhanced in FSTL3 KO Mice
Alan Schneyer, Danielle Andrzejewski, Amy S Burnside and Melissa L Brown


Urocortin3 Triggers Somatostatin-Mediated Negative Feedback to Control Insulin Secretion
Talitha van der Meulen, Cynthia J. Donaldson, Anna Hunter, Elena L. Caceres and Mark O Huising