Biomarkers and Hormone-Dependent Cancers


The Anti-Androgen Enzalutamide Synergizes with Trastuzumab and Everolimus to Inhibit Breast Cancer Growth Via Distinct Mechanisms
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Relation of Sushi Domain-Containing Protein 3 (SUSD3) to Estrogenic Effects and Breast Tumor Development
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The Role of Progesterone Receptor in the Biology and Progression of Breast Ductal Carcinoma in Situ
Sandra L. Grimm, Adriana P Visbal, Chelsea Alyssa Kimiko Saito-Reis, Sean Michael Hartig, Celetta G. Callaway, Shixia Huang, David G. Edwards, Daniel Medina and Dean P. Edwards


Survivin Splice Variants in Prostate Cancer Health Disparities
Salma Khan, Tessarae Stiff, James c Lynch, Patrick Leaf, Carlos a Casiano and Nathan R Wall