Metabolic Bone Disease - Pathophysiology and Treatment



Individual Trabecula Segmentation Reveals Impaired Microarchitecture in Oligo-Amenorrheic Athletes Compared with Eumenorrheic Athletes
Deborah M Mitchell, Padrig Tuck, Kathryn E Ackerman, Ryan M Woolley, Natalia Cano Sokoloff, Meghan Slattery and Madhusmita Misra


Significantly Improved Muscle Strength, Running Speed, and Agility in Children with Hypophosphatasia Treated with Asfotase Alfa
Dawn Phillips, Kimberly Hamilton, Scott Moseley, Tatjana Odrljin, Kenji P Fujita, Amy L Reeves, Amy Yakimoski, Katherine L Madson, Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg and Michael P. Whyte


The Effect of High Dose Oral 17ß Estradiol on Bone Mineralization in Young Women with Turner Syndrome - a 5 Year Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Line Hartvig Cleemann, Kirsten Holm, Hanne Kobbernagel, Bent Kristensen, Sven Oluf Skouby, Andreas Emil Kryger Jensen and Claus H. Gravholt


Successful Treatment of a Mouse Model of Autosomal Dominant Osteopetrosis Type II (ADO2) with Interferon Gamma, but Not Cacitriol
Imranul Alam, Amie K Gray, Dena Acton, Rita L. Gerard-O'Riley and Michael John Econs