Vitamin D and Bone Genetics (posters)


Four Yemenite Siblings with Vitamin D Dependent Rickets Type 1
Aditi Khokhar, Salvador Castells and Sheila Perez-Colon


Post-Partum Osteoporosis Due to Systemic Mastocytosis: 2 Case Studies
Jasmine J Zhu, Jas-mine Seah, Ego Seeman, Spiros Fourlanos, Suresh Varadarajan, Lachlan Hayes and Richard James MacIsaac


A Novel Patient-Derived Missense Mutation in Casr Shifts the Calcium Setpoint As a Dominant Negative Allele and Makes a Functional Diagnosis of Fhh
Yuhong Shi, Monica Gutierrez, Meng Yang, Wei Zhou, Joyce Hogue, Susan Elizabeth Spratt, James Koh and John A Olson Jr.


Vitamin D Status and Bone Health in African Immigrants: The Africans in America Study
Caroline K Thoreson, Stephanie T Chung, Madia Ricks, Michelle T Duong, Paola C Aldana, Lilian Mabundo, Alan T Remaley, James C Reynolds and Anne E Sumner


Vitamin D - a Contributing Factor of Bone Mass Increase in Hypopituitary Adults after Growth Hormone Replacement
Martin Kuzma, Peter Jackuliak, Peter Vanuga, Zdenko Killinger and Juraj Payer


The Value of a Standardized and Certified Vitamin D Total Assay for Clinical Confidence
Ryan Spears, Neil Parker, James Freeman, Kimberly Wilson, Paul Sibley and Ross Molinaro


Development of a Vitamin D Total Assay with LOCI Technology on the Dimension Exl System
Jie Li, Elsa Garcia, Zhu Teng, Martin Drinan, Roland Janzen, Chris Larson, Michelle Stranz, Douglas Clark, Barbara Wessel, Pratap Singh, Manoj Sharma, Tie Q. Wei and Ross Molinaro


Maternal Vitamin D3 Supplementation during Lactation Ameliorate Vitamin D Status of Breast–Fed Infants: Randomized Controlled Trial
Sathit Niramitmahapanya, Surasak Kaoiean, Varaporn Sangtawesin, Anusorn Patpanaprapan and Narisa K Bordeerat


Redefining the Diagnosis of Vitamin D Deficiency in IVF Patients
Lauren Ross, Tiffanny Jones, Sue Ann Ingles, Raj Pandian, Frank Z Stanczyk, Karine Chung, Richard J Paulson, Briana Rudick and Kristin Bendikson


Serum Estradiol and Vitamin D Binding Protein in Healthy Pre and Postmenopausal Women
Claudia L Pop, Xiangbing Wang, Sun Wei, Brian Chang and Sue Shapses


Concentrations and Predictors of Circulating Vitamin D in Greek Adolescents in Association with Body Mass Index
Charikleia Stefanaki, Maria Papaefthymiou, Evangelia Kolias, Georgios Landis, George P Chrousos and Flora Bacopoulou


Profound Neonatal Hypomagnesemia with Secondary Hypocalcemia: A Case Report
Maria F Contreras, Raphael R David, Resmy Palliyil Gopi, Laura Malaga-Dieguez, Howard Trachtman and Brenda Kohn


Evaluation of the Effects of PTH-Vitamin D Axis on Glucose Homeostasis in Obese Adolescents with Vitamin D Deficiency
Maria F Contreras, Brenda Kohn, Resmy Palliyil Gopi and Preneet Cheema Brar


Is Standard Vitamin D Replacement Adequate in Obese Individuals to Correct Hypovitaminosis D?
Gabriel Ikponmosa Uwaifo, Amy G Varughese, Joseph Nicholas Bodor and Stephanie Moss


Hypovitaminosis D in Bariatric Surgery: Systematic Review
Marlene Toufic Chakhtoura, Elie Akl, Nancy Fawzy Nakhoul and Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan


Factors Interfering in Cholecalciferol Effective Dose for Correction of Vitamin D Deficiency
Camila Frade Oliveira, Natalia Lima, Ruth Ellen Fernandes Castro Dantas, Maria Lucia Coelho Nobrega, Lucia Helena Coelho Nobrega and Josivan G Lima


The Effect of Thyrotoxicosis to Vitamin D Status during Pregnancy
Goknur Yorulmaz, Aysen Akalin, Narguler Tomus, Murat Senol, Pinar Yildirim, Emel Gonullu and Muzaffer Bilgin


Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency in Intestinal Rehabilitation Clinic Patients with Portable Ultraviolet -B Lamp
Chhaya Makhija, Lynn Renee Mack, Fedja Rochling, Baojiang Chen, Tricia L Hultgren and Jennifer L Larsen