Parathyroid and Bone Metabolism


Parathyroid GABABR1 Is the Molecular Basis for PTH Hypersecretion and a Right-Shift in Ca2+ Set-Point in Conditions of Mild and Severe Hyperparathyroidism
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Abaloparatide Treatment Increases Bone Formation without a Corresponding Increases in Bone Resorption Resulting in Marked Bone Gains in Osteopenic Ovariectomized Monkeys and Rats
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Skeletal Biomarkers Associated with Aging and Estrogen Deficiency Revealed By RNA Sequencing
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The Effects of Androgens on Cancellous Bone Require Androgen Receptor Signaling in Osteoblasts, but Not Osteoclasts; And in Cortical Bone Require Neither
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The Skeletal Benefits of Physical Activity in Childhood Are Dependent on Genetic Variation at Known Bone Density Loci
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