Steroid Hormone Actions and Biosynthesis (posters)


Biological Variability of Androgens in Males and Females
Laura Owen, Joanne Adaway, Frederick C. W. Wu, Wendy Macdowell and Brian G. Keevil


Development of a Novel Cell Based Androgen Screening Model
Carmela Campana, Juilee Rege and William E. Rainey


The Dehydrogenase Activities of the 11betaHSD Isozymes Towards 11OHA4 and 11OHT
Liezl Margaretha Bloem, Karl-Heinz Storbeck and Amanda C Swart


HSD3B2-Deficient Adrenocortical Cells Adapt a Zona Reticularis Steroidogenic Phenotype
Valentina Laura Crudo, Juilee Rege, Adina F. Turcu and William E. Rainey


Gene Expression and Sequence Analysis of the Neonatal Female Mouse Brain after Administration of Testosterone Propionate
Yutaka Nakachi, Mioko Iseki, Tomotaka Yokoo, Yosuke Mizuno and Yasushi Okazaki


LCI699 Inhibits Cortisol and Aldosterone Production in NCI-H295 Cells
Richard J. Auchus, Jiayan Liu, Robert Chomic and William E. Rainey


Interleukin-6 Alters the Expression of Steroidogenic Proteins in Bovine Adrenal Zona Fasciculata through Activation of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase
Mathieu D Squires, Matharage Shenali Ireha De Silva, Joseph T Johnson, Jared C Reese, Andrew P Dalley, Logan S Greenburg, James P Porter and Allan M Judd


Activator Protein-1 Complex Functions As a Biochemical Intermediate in the Interleukin-6 and AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Regulation of Steroidogenic Enzymes in the Bovine Zona Fasciculata
Jared C Reese, Matharage Shenali Ireha De Silva, Joseph T Johnson, Mathieu D Squires, Logan S Greenburg, Andrew P Dalley, James P Porter and Allan M Judd


3βHSD1 Activity or Inactivity Depends on the Topology
Jasmeet Kaur, Randy M Whittal and Himangshu S Bose


Effects of Dymethazine Steroid Supplement on Mice
Terri L Provost and Alexis Lancaster