Endocrine Neoplasia: Tumorigenesis and Therapeutics


Integration of Whole Genome Wide Approaches to the Analysis of Gene Regulation and Progression of Adrenocortical Carcinoma
Sudheer Kumar Gara, Yonghong Wang, Dhaval Patel, Yi Liu-Chittenden, Myriem Boufraqech, Paul S Meltzer and Electron Kebebew


YY1 Mutations Are Frequent in Insulinomas, Mutually Exclusive from MEN1 Mutation and Do Not Correlate to Pathophysiological Symptoms
Anastasia Melin, Achim Starke, Aycan Akca, Peter Goretzki, Rajani Maharjan, Per Hellman and Peyman Björklund


Pancreatic Pathology in the Mccune-Albright Syndrome
Andrea Estrada, Aradhana Venkatesan, Christopher L Wolfgang, Elliot K Fishman, Ihab Kamel, Syed Z Ali, Michael Goggins, Anirban Maitra, Lori C. Guthrie, Beth Brillante, Rachel I Gafni, Anne Marie Lennon and Michael T. Collins


Engineering Bionanofluids to Target Papillary Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines
Idit Dotan, Elliot Jonathan Mitmaker, Philip Jonathan Rupert Roche, Lenore Katherine Beitel, Michael Tamilia, Mark Anthony Trifiro and Miltiadis Paliouras


Activity of Nanoparticulate Tetrac (Nanotetrac) on Models of Glioblastoma
Aleck Hercbergs, Thangirala Sudha, Murat Yalcin, Hung-Yun Lin, Mary Koeppe Luidens, Shaker A. Mousa and Paul J Davis