Mineralocorticoids: Receptors, Hypertension and Novel Mechanisms


Combination of SGK1 and LSD1 Risk Alleles Is Associated with Salt Sensitive Blood Pressure in Individuals of African Descent
Janet H Leung, Mohammad Ashbir Zammeri, Gordon H Williams and Jonathan S Williams


We Should Not Miss Bilateral Aldosterone-Producing Adenomas Among Cases with Bilateral Hyperaldosteronism
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Potentiation of Renal Aldosterone Responsiveness Via Hypotonicity-Induced Mineralocorticoid Receptor Expression By the mRNA Binding Protein Hur
Ingrid Lema, Larbi Amazit, Khadija Lamribet, Anne Blanchard, Marc Lombes, Nadia Cherradi and Say Viengchareun


Increased Aldosterone Concentrations Are Associated with Visceral Adiposity and Insulin Resistance Among HIV-Infected Patients
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Endothelial Cell Mineralocorticoid Receptor Knockout Corrects Western Diet - Induced Aortic Stiffness and Cardiac Diastolic Dysfunction in Female Mice
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