Adrenal Steroids and Steroidogenesis: Novel Aspects


Varied Presentation of Six Patients with CYP11A1 Mutations.
Louise A Metherell, Angela Huebner, Helen Spoudeas, Tim D. Cheetham, Tatiana V Novoselova and Li F Chan


Biochemical Bypass Steroidogenesis Pathways in HSD3B2 Deficiency: Lesions from an Experiment of Human Nature
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Treatment with "Dual Release" Hydrocortisone (DR-HC) in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Short-Term (6 months) and Long-Term (12 months) Follow-up after the Switch from Conventional Glucocorticoids to DR-HC
Chiara Simeoli, Maria Cristina De Martino, Teresa Mannarino, Alessia Cozzolino, Davide Iacuaniello, Monica De Leo, Annamaria Colao and Rosario Pivonello


Cortisol Measures Across the Weight Spectrum
Melanie Schorr, Elizabeth A. Lawson, Anne Klibanski and Karen K. Miller


Rapid Turnover and High Free Plasma Concentrations of Corticosterone in Humans
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Serum and Urine Steroid Profiling Patterns Using Mass Spectrometry in Adrenal Neoplasias
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