Female Reproduction - Interface with "Non-Reproductive" Systems



Mimicking Metabolic Syndrome Impairs the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian Axis in Normal Weight Women
Justin Chosich, Andrew P Bradford, Jane E Reusch, Irene Elizabeth Schauer and Nanette Santoro


Timing of Estradiol Treatment after Menopause Determines Benefit or Harm to Insulin Action
Rocio Ines Pereira, Beret Ann Casey, Tracy Swibas and Rachael E Van Pelt


Effect of Age and Estrogen on Cognitive Processing in Postmenopausal Women
Janet E. Hall, Amanda R Arulpragasam, Taylor Huhta, Rachel Franklin, Kathryn L Williams, Alexandra M Rodman, Darin D Dougherty, Hadine Joffe and Thilo Deckersbach