General Female Reproductive Endocrinology (posters)


Regulation of Follicular Development By in-Vivo Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) Administration
Aritro Sen, Emily Hayes, Vitaly A. Kushnir, Norbert Gleicher and Stephen R Hammes


Is the Suppression of Resting Metabolic Rate in Exercise-Associated Amenorrhea Due to Differences in the Size of Metabolic Tissue Compartments?
Karsten Koehler, Nancy I Williams, Rebecca J Mallinson, Emily A. Southmayd and Mary Jane De Souza


Sleep-Related Inhibition of LH (GnRH) Pulse Secretion during the Late Follicular Phase Is Weakened By Brief Awakenings and Strengthened By REM Sleep
Christine Lu, Eleanor G. Hutchens, Heather G. Bonner, Paul M. Suratt and Christopher R. McCartney


Impact of Vascular Stress on C-Type Natriuretic Peptide in Nulliparous Women Developing Complications in Pregnancy
Timothy CR Prickett, Rennae S. Taylor, Rosemary A. Reid, Lesley M. McCowan and Eric A. Espiner


Identification of Candidate Which Interact with Nelf in Mouse Neuronal Cells
Eun Kyung KO, Samuel D Quaynor, Lawrence C Layman, Lynn P Chorich, Richard Cameron and Megan Sullivan


Induction of an LH Surge in Premenarchal Girls: Early Maturation of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian Axis
Polina Rovner, Nanette Santoro, Justin Chosich, Amanda Ashleigh Allshouse, Julia Keltz, Genevieve S. Neal-Perry, Alex J. Polotsky and Barbara Isaac


Whole Transcriptome Expression Profiles in Lymphoblastoid Cells from Women with Pmdd and Controls: Diagnostic Differences and Differential Response to Ovarian Steroids
Jessica Frances Hoffman, Neelima Dubey, Kornel Schuebel, Cheryl Marietta, Qiaoping Yuan, Pedro E Martinez, Lynnette K. Nieman, David R Rubinow, Peter John Schmidt and David Goldman


Placental Retention As a Risk Factor of De Novo Postpartum Preeclampsia and Clinical Characterization of This Population
Geraldine Skurnik, Lawrence C. Tsen, Aditi Saxena, Lucia A. Joseph, Thomas F. McElrath and Ellen W. Seely


Expression and Immunoreactivity of MCHR1 in Mammary Gland of Lactating and Non-Lactating Long-Evans Rats
Daniella Sabino Batagello, Renata Juliana da Silva, Joelcimar Martins da Silva, Helder Cravo Costa, Giovanne Baroni Diniz, Claudimara Ferini Pacicco Lotfi, Luciane Valéria Sita, Estela Bevilacqua and Jackson Cioni Bittencourt


The Relationship Between Obesity and Ovarian Reserve in a Population of Young African American Women (AAW)
Deborah E Ikhena, Lia A Bernardi, Peter de Chavez, Randall B Barnes, Mercedes Carnethon and Erica Elizabeth Marsh


Anti-Mullerian Hormone Level in Healthy Adult Women Using the Ultrasensitive Assay
Zhihong Liao, Wei He, Qiqi Yin, Wen Ji, Luyao Zhang and Yanbing Li


Estrogen Source Influences Skeletal Muscle Soreness and Recovery in Young Women
Lindsey Jayne Anderson, Lucinda L Baker and E Todd Schroeder


Diagnostics of Couple Infertility in Primary Care Setting
Natalya Volkova, Maria Antonenko, Ilia Davidenko, Igor Reshetnikov, Irina Dzherieva, Aida Gulmagomedova and Lilia Ganenko