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Reproductive Endocrinology: the Gonadotrophin Response to Intravenous Kisspeptin Positively Correlates with Baseline Estradiol Levels in Healthy Women during the Early Follicular Phase of the Menstrual Cycle
Shakunthala Narayanaswamy, Channa N Jayasena, Noel Ng, Risheka Ratnasabapathy, Julia K Prague, Deborah A Papadopoulou, Alexander N Comninos, Ali Abbara, Mohammad A Ghatei, Stephen R Bloom and Waljit S Dhillo


The miR-503/322/351 Cluster Mediates Aging-Dependent Reduction of Mitochondrial Activity by Targeting Autophagy/Mitophagy-Associated Genes in Mouse Ovarian Granulosa Cells
Xing Xiuye, Marcy Maguire, Manousos Makridakis, Shashi Shrivastav, Hewang Lee, Jeffrey B. Kopp, Antonia Vlahou, James H. Segars and Tomoshige Kino