Testis Cells: Control, Regulation and Functions (posters)


Reduced Melanocortin Production Causes Sexual Dysfunction in Male Mice with Pomc Neuronal Insulin and Leptin Insensitivity
Latrice Doreen Faulkner, Abigail Rebecca Dowling, Ronald Stuart, Eduardo A. Nillni and Jennifer Wootton Hill


GATA4 Is a Key Regulator of Steroidogenesis and Glycolysis in Mouse Leydig Cells
Anja Schrade, Antti Kyrönlahti, Marjut Pihlajoki, Jorma Toppari, David B Wilson and Markku Heikinheimo


Role of Gonadotropin in the Control of IGF1R Expression By Interstitial Cells in Human and Monkey Testis throughout Postnatal Development: Implications for Leydig Cell Differentiation
Paula Aliberti, Suresh Ramaswamy, Tony M. Plant, Roberto Ponzio, Diego Chirico, Marco A. Rivarola, Alicia Belgorosky and Esperanza Beatriz Berensztein


Mechanistic Analysis of 17, 20-Lyase Activity for Cytochrome P450c17 Identifies That Cytochrome b5 Influences the Rate of Electron Transfer
Alexandr Simonov, Jessica Holien, Joyee Yeung, Ann Dung Ahn Nguyen, C. Jo Corbin, Jie Zheng, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Richard J. Auchus, Alan James Conley, Michael Parker, Raymond J Rodgers and Lisandra Martin


The Histamine H4 Receptor Is Detected in Neonatal Human Leydig Cells, and in Prepubertal Leydig Cells Tumors. Possible Involvement in Neonatal Leydig Cells Pool Preservation
Paula Aliberti, Carolina Mondillo, Adriana Maria Belen Abiuso, Omar Pedro Pignataro, Marco A. Rivarola, Alicia Belgorosky and Esperanza Beatriz Berensztein


Measurement of Testosterone: How Important Is a Morning Blood Draw?
E. David Crawford, Wendy Poage, Allen Nyhuis, David Alan Price, Sherie A Dowsett and David Muram


Effects of Testosterone Level on Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
E. David Crawford, Wendy Poage, Allen Nyhuis, David Alan Price, Sherie A Dowsett and David Muram


Participation of 6-Phosphofructo-2-Kinase/Fructose-2,6-Biphosphatase Isoform 3 and Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex in the Regulation of Lactate Production By FSH and bFGF in Rat Sertoli Cells
María Fernanda Riera, Mariana Regueira, María Noel Galardo, Eliana Herminia Pellizzari, Selva Beatriz Cigorraga and Silvina Beatriz Meroni



Loss of PI3K p110 Alpha in the Adipose Tissue Results in Infertility and Delayed Puberty Onset in Male Mice
Maricedes Acosta-Martínez, Victoria Boughton Nelson, Ariel L. Negrón and Richard Z Lin


PDE8B: A New Gene for Male Infertility
Eva Szarek, Christopher Mercier, Mones Abu-Asab, Louis Dye, Leticia F. Leal, Edra London, Malgorzata Kotula-Balak, Barbara Bilinska and Constantine A Stratakis


Infertile Men Have Frequently Leydig Cell Dysfunction: Study on Hypogonadism, Vitamin D and Bone Mass in 5,177 Subjects
Alberto Ferlin, Andrea Garolla, Riccardo Selice, Nicola Caretta, Damiano Pizzol and Carlo Foresta


Sperm Retrieval in Adolescents and Young Men with Klinefelter Syndrome: A Prospective Study
Leena Nahata, Laurie E. Cohen, Ilina Rosoklija and Richard N. Yu


Seminal Soluble Urokinase Plasminogen Activator (suPAR) Is a Marker of Male Accessory Gland Inflammation
Giuseppe Grande, Domenico Milardi, Silvia Baroni, Chiara Autilio, Renato Morelli, Cecilia Zuppi, Laura De Marinis, Riccardo Marana and Alfredo Pontecorvi


Impacts of Lifestyle and Anthropometric Changes in Male Partners of Obese Infertile Women on Couples' Fertility - Preliminary Results from a Cohort Study
Matea Belan, Karine Duval, Farrah Jean-Denis, Marie-Helene Pesant, Marie-France Langlois, Youssef Ainmelk, Belina Carranza-Mamane and Jean-Patrice Baillargeon