Puberty Disorders (posters)


Deletions in Genomic Areas, Where FOXC1 and SHH Are Located, Are Associated with Cataract and Female Hypogonadism
Maria Papagianni, Dimitrios T Papadimitriou, Zadalla Mouslech and Georgios Mastorakos


: Long-Term Evaluation of a Unique Patient with Testotoxicosis: Evidence of Spermatogenesis Despite Persistently Suppressed FSH Levels
Marina Cunha Silva, Vinicius N. Brito, Carolina de Oliveira Ramos, Delanie B. Macedo, Danielle de Souza Bessa, Lorena Guimaraes Lima, Berenice B Mendonca and Ana Claudia Latronico


Familial Precocious Puberty: Clinical Characteristics and GnRH Agonist Response
Hwal Rim Jeong, Hae Sang Lee, Young Seok Shim, Jungsub Lim, Eun Byul Kwon and Jin Soon Hwang


Evidence for Gonadal Dysfunction in Obese Girls Early in Puberty
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Psychosocial Changes after GnRH Analogue Treatment in Girls with Precocious Puberty
Young Suk Shim, Min Jae Kang, Yeon Joung Oh, Seung Yang and Il Tae Hwang


Urinary Gonadotrophins for Assessment and Management of Pubertal Disorders
Lorenzo Iughetti, Laura Lucaccioni, Jane McNeilly, Avril Mason, Andreas Kyriakou, M G Shaikh and S F Ahmed


Long-Term Follow-up of Patients with Central Precocious Puberty Due to Hypothalamic Hamartoma: Anthropometric, Metabolic, Reproductive and Neuropsychological Outcomes
Marina Cunha Silva, Priscilla Cukier, Vinicius N. Brito, Ana Claudia Latronico, Delanie B. Macedo, Danielle de Souza Bessa, Ivo J P Arnhold, Berenice B Mendonca and Carolina de Oliveira Ramos


Plasma Osteocalcin Levels Are Associated with the Timing of Pubertal Progress in Boys
Corinna Grasemann, Lena Baeder, Cordula Kiewert, Michael Schuendeln and Berthold P Hauffa


Increases in Testosterone and Estradiol Are Associated with Lower Systemic Inflammation Following Initiation of Infliximab Treatment in Pubertal Adolescents with Crohn's Disease
Mark Daniel DeBoer, Meena Thayu, Hannah E. Agard, Robert Baldassano, Lee A Denson, Babette S. Zemel and Mary B Leonard


Clinical Utility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasonography for Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Adolescent Girls
Lisa Kenigsberg, Chhavi Agarwal, Sanghun Sin, Keivan Shifteh, Carmen R Isasi, Susan M Coupey, Rubina Heptulla and Raanan Arens