Energy Balance: Control of Adiposity and Feeding (posters)


A Selective Nociceptin Receptor Antagonist Inhibits Feeding Behavior in Rodent Models of Hyperphagia
Yanyun Chen, Miguel Toledo, Jeffrey Witkin, Vanessa Barth, Charlie Changzhi Hu, Karen Rash, Michael A Ansonoff, John E Pintar, Celia Lafuente, Alma Jimenez, Ana Benito, Maria Martinez-Grau and Michael Statnick


Ghrelin Increases Energy Expenditure in Obese Rats Programmed By Changes in Perinatal Nutrition
Paula Beatriz Marangon, Jose Antunes-Rodrigues and Lucila Elias


The Role of Substance P in the Central Control of Food Intake
Caroline A. Maguire, Katherine Leclair, Rona S. Carroll, Alexander S. Banks, Ursula B. Kaiser and Victor M. Navarro


Effects of Irisin on Feeding Behavior and Hypothalamic Neuromodulators in the Rat
Lucia Recinella, Claudio Ferrante, Sheila Leone, Chiara Di Nisio, Rugia Shohreh, Annalisa Chiavaroli, Adriana Ricciuti, Giustino Orlando, Michele Vacca and Luigi Brunetti



Role of Mitochondrial Activity and Hypothalamic Inflammation in the Diet-Induced-Obesity Resistance of Wsb/Eij Mice
Bolaji Seffou, Isabelle Seugnet, James Bowers, Maria Jesus Herrero Ramon, Stéphanie Decherf, Jérémy Terrien, Ghozlane Assoui, Chakib Djediat, Marie-Stéphanie Clerget-Froidevaux and Barbara Demeneix


Adrenalectomy (ADX) Reduces the Orexigenic Response to Ghrelin
Matheus Porceban, Jose Antunes-Rodrigues and Lucila Elias


Altered Feeding Patterns Entrain Clock Genes in Brain and Peripheral Oscillators
Leonardo Domingues Araújo, Fernanda B. Coeli-Lacchini, Silvia Ruiz Roa, Ana Carolina Bueno de Queiroz Arruda, Rogério Lenotti Zuliani, Ernane Torres Uchoa, Ayrton C. Moreira, Jose Antunes-Rodrigues, Lucila Elias, Paula C. L. Elias and Margaret De Castro


Effects of Maternal Nutrition and Arginine Supplementation on Postnatal Liver and Jejunal Oxygen Consumption and Hypothalamic Neuropeptide Content in Ovine Offspring
Ligia D Prezotto, Jennifer F Thorson, Pawel P Borowicz, Sheri T Dorsan, Jena L Peine, Clay A Lents, Joel S Caton and Kendall C Swanson


Altered Central and Peripheral Metabolic Gene Expression in Obese Kisspeptin Receptor Knockout Mice
Julie-Ann P De Bond, Kristen P Tolson, Alexander S Kauffman and Jeremy Troy Smith


3-Iodothyronamine (T1AM) Upregulates Fat Oxidation Metabolism in Adipocytes
Michael Paul Rogowski, Boyd Butler, Erin Brown and Fariba M Assadi-Porter


C1QTNF5 Expression in Human Adipose Tissue Is Related to Adipose Tissue-Infiltrating Macrophages in Children and Is Regulated By Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF)Alpha
Julian Tristan Schwartze, Kathrin Landgraf, Denise Rockstroh, Dennis Löffler, Kathrin Scheuermann, Jürgen Kratzsch, Matthias Blüher, Wieland Kiess and Antje Körner


Pathophysiological Role of Bscl2/Seipin Haploinsufficiency in Adiposity and Metabolism
Chihiro Ebihara, Ken Ebihara, Megumi Aizawa Abe, Mingming Zhao, Valentino Milton Gumbilai, Yuji Yamamoto, Kiminori Hosoda and Kazuwa Nakao


Erythropoietin Modulates Adipocyte Differentiation and Lipid Accumulation
Yuanyuan Zhang, Ruifeng Teng and Constance Noguchi


Impact of Growth Hormone on Angiogenesis and Intracellular Signaling Pathways in Subcutaneous and Visceral Adipose Tissue from Wild Type and Bovine Growth Hormone Transgenic Mice
Silvana Duran Ortiz, Adam Jara, Xiaoyu Liang, Nicole E Brooks, Ellen R Lubbers, Edward O List, Fabian Benencia, Lonnie Welch, John J Kopchick and Darlene E Berryman


Depot-Specific Reprogramming of Adipocyte Precursor Cells (APCs) Induced By Glucocorticoid (GC) Exposure
María Guillermina Zubiría, Yesica Romina Frontini López, María Amanda Rey, Griselda Moreno, Ana Alzamendi, Eduardo Spinedi and Andres Giovambattista


Adipose Tissue Macrophage Expression of CD11c Correlates with Body Fat and Age in Healthy Men
Jing H. Chao, Stephanie T. Page, Derek K. Hagman, Mario Kratz and Katya B. Rubinow


Metabolic Effects of Inducing Human Admsc to Beige Adipocyte
Diana Vargas, Wendy Rosales, Jeison Garcia and Fernando Lizcano


Ethnic and Sex Differences in Adiponectin Across the Lifespan
Rebecca Anne Ohman-Hanson, Melanie Green, Megan Moriarty Kelsey, Daniel H. Bessesen, Teresa Sharp, Laura Pyle, Rocio Ines Pereira and Kristen J Nadeau