Nuclear Receptors, Ligands and Co-Regulators (posters)


ER-Beta Mediated Action of Dietary Supplement Ingredient Edcysterone Confirmed By Docking Experiments
Maria Kristina Parr, Gerhard Wolber, Alexandra Naß, Gabriella Ambrosio, Francesco Botrè and Patrick Rene Diel


Progesterone Receptor B Isoform Drives Binding Fidelity and Transcriptional Efficacy in the Human Breast
J Dinny Graham, Audrey Silvestri, Tram B Doan, Britta M Jacobsen, Kathryn B Horwitz and Christine L Clarke


Repression of Hypoxia-Induced Cyclooxygenase-2 By Korean Red Ginseng
Won Chung Lim, Moung-Kuk Shim, Sikwan Kim and Young Joo Lee



CK2-Mediated Modulation of ER Alpha Transcritional Activity in Breast Cancer
Christopher C Williams, Marlon D Williams, Syreeta L Tilghman, Jamal Pratt and Shawn Dion Llopis



The Mouse Mutated for Palmitoylation Site of Estrogen Receptor Eralpha Provides a Selective Loss of Function of Membrane Effects of Estradiol, Revealing Tissue-Specific Role for Membrane Versus Genomic Effects of Estrogens
Marine Adlanmerini, Anne Abot, Aurélie Fabre, Romain Solinhac, Isabelle Raymond-letron, Frederic Boudou, Sung-Hoon KIM, Coralie Fontaine, Andrée Krust, Pierre Chambon, Philip W Shaul, Pierre Gourdy, Gilles Flouriot, John A Katzenellenbogen, Daniel Henrion, Jean-Francois Arnal and Francoise Lenfant


Modulation of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor-Gamma (PPARg) Function By Ligands and Phosphorylation in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
Zhong-Sheng Wu, Yu-Tzu Chang, Chia-Shan Yeh, Chia-Yun Lu, Yu-Chun Lin and Juu-Chin Lu


Autophagic Protein Ulk1 Regulates Liver X Receptor (LXR) Transcriptional Activity and Protection from Lipotoxicity in Liver Cells
Rohit Anthony Sinha, Brijesh Kumar Singh, Jin Zhou, Benjamin Livingston Farah, Ronny Lesmana and Paul Michael Yen


Assessing Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence Using Expression of Nuclear Receptor Superfamily Genes
Maxwell P Rego, Yana B Feygin, Guy N Brock and James L Wittliff