Thyroid Hormone Action, Cancer and Clinical Thyroid (posters)


Mucin Expression Profile of Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines and Patient Samples
Anery Patel, Muzafar A Macha, Whitney S Goldner and Surinder K Batra


Rev-Erb Alpha and the Expression of Circadian and Metabolic Genes in Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Christopher Paul Gilfillan, Michael Mond, Maria Alexiadis and Peter J Fuller


Microrna-146b-3p Promotes Cell Metastasis By Directly Targeting NF2 in Human Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Chunxiao Yu, Tong Jin, Fang Yan, Lifang Zhao, Shanshan Shao, Ling Gao and Jiajun Zhao


Thyroid Hormone Receptor β (TRβ) Mediates Runt-Related Transcription Factor 2 (Runx2) Expression in Thyroid Cancer Cells
Frances E Carr, S. Kaleem Zaidi, Philip Tai, Jeffrey H White, Jennifer Tomczak, Thomas Taber, Michael Barnum, Katharine S. Evans, Diane M Jaworski, Jane B Lian, Janet L. Stein and Gary Stephen Stein


Glucose Concentration Underlies the Efficacy of Treatment with Metformin in Thyroid Cancer Cells
Athanasios Bikas, Kirk Ernest Jensen, John Costello, Aneeta Patel, Kenneth Burman and Vasyl Vasko


Circulating Levels of Orexin-a and Nesfatin-1 in Patients with Hyperthyroidism
Yusuf Tohma, Mujde Akturk, Alev E. Altinova, Emine Yassibas, Ethem Turgay Cerit, Ozlem Gulbahar, Metin Arslan, Nevin Sanlier and Fusun Toruner


Differences in the Plasma Proteome of Primary Hypothyroid Patients before and after Thyroid Hormone Replacement: A Proteomic Analysis
Assim A Alfadda, Hicham Benabdelkamel, Afshan Masood, Mark W Duncan, Anwar A Jammah and Aishah A Ekhzaimy


Utility of Levothyroxine Absorption Test in the Management of Primary Hypothyroid Patients
Kaushik Biswas, Sumit Kumar Chakrabarti, Sujoy Ghosh and Subhankar Chowdhury


Comparison of Thyroid Hormones (TSH, T4, and fT4) and Hcg in Lean and Obese Pregnant Women
V Daniel Castracane, Christopher G Maguire, William Meachum and Robert Porter Kauffman


Oxidative Stress in Primary Hypothyroid Patients and the Possible Role of Antioxidant Supplementation
Sumit Kumar Chakrabarti, Satinath Mukhopadhyay, Subhankar Chowdhury, Sandip Banerjee and Kaushik Biswas