Thyroid Hormone Action, Cancer and Clinical Thyroid (posters)


Effect of Weightlessness on the Thyroid Hormones
Zia Ur Rahman, Khushi Muhammad Saqib, Saeed Ahmad and Farheen Asad


Thyroid Hormones in Coronary Artery Disease with Diabetes and Hypertensive Patients
Farheen Asad, Muhammad Zaffar Ullah Saleemi, Munir Ahmad Sheikh and Zia Ur Rahman


Glucocorticoids Affect Gene Regulation By Thyroid Hormones during Limb Development in Xenopus Tropicalis
Alexis G Grimaldi, Nicolas Buisine, Vincent Jonchere, Adeline Couve, Corinne Blugeon and Laurent M. Sachs



Regulation of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Promoter By Thyroid Hormone Receptor
Angelica Amorim Amato, Juliana Fattori, Ana Carolina Mancusi Valeije, Paulo Oliveira, Ana Carolina Migliorini Figueira, Guilherme Martins Santos and Francisco de Assis Rocha Neves


Serum TSH Levels Normalized in Patients Undergone to Bariatric Surgery after Switching from Levo-Thyroxine in Tablet Form to an Oral Liquid Formulation
Poupak Fallahi, Roberto Vita, Stefania Camastra, Ilaria Ruffilli, Salvatore Benvenga, Alessandro Antonelli and Silvia Martina Ferrari


Braf Genotyping and Expression Profiling of a Consecutive Large Series of Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Samples
Poupak Fallahi, Riccardo Giannini, Silvia Martina Ferrari, Fulvio Basolo and Alessandro Antonelli


In Patients with Lactose Intolerance Oral Liquid L-Thyroxine (L-T4) May be Better Absorbed Compared to L-T4 Tablets
Silvia Martina Ferrari, Andrea Di Domenicantonio, Alda Corrado, Alessandro Antonelli and Poupak Fallahi