Developmental Regulation of Gene Expression and Its Susceptibility to Endocrine Disruptors (posters)


Effect of Phenols and Phthalates on Rat and Human Pituitary Cell Proliferation
Laura Tapella, Antonella Sesta, Marco Losa, Francesco Cavagnini and Francesca Pecori Giraldi


Uteroplacental Insufficiency in Rats Reduces Offspring Plasma Leptin Concentrations and Alters Leptin Signaling Mediator Expression in the Kidney in a Sex-Specific Manner
Jessica F Briffa, Andrew J Jefferies, Tania Romano, Andrew J McAinch, Karen M Moritz, Mary E Wlodek and Deanne H Hryciw


Effect of Methoxychlor on the Onset of Puberty in Immature Female Rats
Sung-Ho Lee, Da Kyung Yoo, Hye Rim Byeon and Eun Young Jeon



Phytoestrogens and Endometriosis
Sunni Mumford, Rajeshwari Sundaram, Kurunthachalam Kannan, Germaine Buck Louis and Jennifer Weck


Impact of EDCs on Placental Transporters in Human Placental Bewo Cells
Jae-Hwan Lee, Myoungho Lee, Kipung Kim and Eui-Bae Jeung


Impacts of Heavy Metal Exposure on Adiposity and Pubertal Development in Koran Children and Adolescents
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Estrogens Are Involved in the Activation of Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) Promoter through an Estrogen Response Element Hemi-Palindrome Present at -1772bp
Helena Fedora Schteingart, Clara Valeri, Nadia Yasmín Edelsztein, Marina Riggio, Sebastian Guilianelli, Claudia Lanari and Rodolfo A Rey


Pubertal Changes in Neuropeptide Gene Expression of the Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus in Male Mice
Csilla S. Molnár, Miklós Sárvári, Csaba Vastagh, Csilla Maurnyi, Csaba Fekete, Zsolt Liposits and Erik Hrabovszky


Reproductive Toxicity of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Present in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
Victoria D Balise, Christopher D Kassotis, Chun-Xia Meng and Susan Carol Nagel


Induction of Estrogenic Biomarker Cabp-9K By Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane on GH3 Cell
Dongoh Lee, Myoungho Lee, Changhwan Ahn and Eui-Bae Jeung