New Discoveries in Bone Health and Disease


Healthy Premenopausal Women with Low HDL (less than 50 mg/dL) Have Significantly Lower Trabecular Bone Volume and Bone Formation Rate
Adi Cohen, David W Dempster, Hua Zhou, Robert R Recker, Joan M. Lappe, Serge Cremers, Ralph Müller, Alexander Zwahlen, Mafo Kamanda-Kosseh, Mariana Bucovsky, Emily M. Stein, Tom Nickolas and Elizabeth Shane


Differential Effect of Sex in Newborn Vertebrae and Risk of Osteoporosis
Skorn Ponrartana, Patricia C Aggabao, Naga L Dharmavaram, Carissa L Fisher, Philippe Friedlich, Sherin U Devaskar and Vicente Gilsanz


Effects of Abaloparatide on Vertebral and Non-Vertebral Fracture Incidence in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis - Results of the Phase 3 Active Trial
Paul D Miller, Benjamin Zev Leder, Gary Hattersley, Edith Lau, Peter Alexandersen, Tomas Hala, Sorica Mustatea, Bettina Storgaard Nedergaard, Annesofie Krogsaa, Jan Slesinger, Cristiano AF Zerbini, Ivo Valter, Zydrune Visockiene, Beata Jendrych, Carolina Aguiar Kulak, Farid Marquez, Alan G Harris, Gregory C Williams, Ming-yi Hu, Bente Juel Riis, Luis Augusto Russo and Claus Christiansen


A Retrospective, Multi-National, Non-Interventional, Natural History Study of the Childhood Form of Hypophosphatasia
Michael P. Whyte, Katherine L Madson, Craig Frank Munns, Amy L Reeves, Kenji Fujita, Hui Zhang and Nick James Bishop


Multiple GWAS-Implicated Adult Height Loci Operate in the Context of Pediatric Bone Mineral Density and Content Determination
Kevin J Basile, Alessandra Chesi, Jonathan A. Mitchell, Shana E. McCormack, Sani M. Roy, Heidi J. Kalkwarf, Joan M. Lappe, Vicente Gilsanz, Sharon E Oberfield, John A. Shepherd, Andrea Kelly, Babette S. Zemel and Struan F.A. Grant


Live Single Cell Imaging of Human Parathyroid Tumor Tissue Reveals Functional Heterogeneity in Calcium Sensing
James Koh, Joyce Hogue, Yuli Wang, Matthew DiSalvo, Nancy Lynn Allbritton, Yuhong Shi, John A Olson Jr. and Julie Ann Sosa