Late-breaking Thyroid/HPT Axis I (posters)


Complex Immunometabolic Pathways Mediate the Interaction Between Thyroid Carcinoma Cells and Tumor-Associated Macrophages
Romana T. Netea-Maier, Sander Tuit, Bas Heinhuis, Leo Joosten, Joachim Schultze, Johannes W.A. Smit and Mihai G. Netea


Detection of BRAFV600E Mutation from Plasma DNA in Patients with Treated Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Ali Saeed Alzahrani, Bedri Karakas, Ebtesam Qasem, Dania M Alkhafaji, Hindi Al-Hindi and Mai Almohanna


Improvement in Lipid Levels Following Levothyroxine Therapy and the Impact on Cardiovascular Risks
Sharifah Faradila Wan Muhamad Hatta, Rohaya Abdul Razak and Rohana Abdul Ghani


Long-Term Effects of Postnatal Overnutrition on Thyroid Hormone Metabolism and Function in Adult Rat Progeny
Patricia C Lisboa, Egberto Gaspar Moura, Ellen Paula Santos Conceição and Elaine de Oliveira



Long-Term Follow-up of Cytologically Indeterminate/GEC-Benign Thyroid Nodules in Comparison to Cytologically Benign Nodules
Trevor E Angell, Norra Kwong, Marco Medici, Xiaoyun Liu, Matthew Ian Kim and Ellen Marqusee


Augmenting Pre-Operative Risk of Recurrence Stratification in Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma Using Machine Learning and High Dimensional Transcriptional Data from Thyroid FNA
R Michael Tuttle, Moraima Pagan, Jing Huang, Bamboo Lin, James Diggans, Ed Tom, Bryan R Haugen, Steven I Sherman and Giulia C Kennedy


Long-Term Outcome of Short-Term Hypocalcemia Following Various Modes of Thyroidectomy
Martin Adrian, Christina Schuermeyer, Denise Roos and Thomas H Schuermeyer