Late-breaking Tumor Biology I (posters)


EZH2 Copy Number and Mutational Analyses in Sporadic Parathyroid Adenomas
Robert Romano, Chen-Pang Soong, Madison Rose, Jessica Costa-Guda, Justin Bellizzi and Andrew Arnold


Detection of Increasing Numbers of Point Mutations and Fusions in Thyroid Nodules Using Next-Generation Sequencing Dramatically Reduces Marker Panel Specificity
Giulia C Kennedy, Moraima Pagan, P. Sean Walsh, Hajime Matsuzaki, Jing Huang, Kevin Travers, Ed Tom, Mei Wong, Su Yeon Kim and Richard T Kloos


Evaluation of a New HPLC, a New Tandem MS and a New Data Processing Software for General Clinical Use
Shih-Tse Jason Lai, Jia Wang, Brad Hart, Kristine Van Natta, Marta Kozak, Jorge Valdivia, Haibo Wang and Erkan Diri


Inhibition of c-Src Blocks Estrogen-Induced TJ Signaling Pathway and Cell Motility in ER-Positive Breast Cancer Cell Lines and Has Opposite Effects in ER-Negative Cells
Javier Esteban Jimenez-Salazar, Rosa Isela Garcia-Vázquez, Jonathan González-Ruiz, Carlos Lara-Cruz, Marcela Arteaga-Silva and Pablo Damian-Matsumura


Leptin Receptor Antagonist, Allo-Aca, Prevents Leptin-Stimulated Migration of Androgen-Deprived Prostate Cancer Cells
Lisa Kate Philp, Martin C Sadowski, Michelle S Liberio, Gregor Tevz, Melanie Lehman, Jennifer H Gunter, Laszlo Otvos Jr. and Colleen C. Nelson


Combination of EW-7197 and Paclitaxel Inhibits Breast Recurrence-Associated Markers in MDA-MB-231 Orthotropic Xenograft NOD/SCID Mice
So Y Park, Min J Kim, Sang A Park, Jung S Kim, Jeong S Nam, Young J Park and Yhun Y Sheen


Insulin Increases Apoptotic Resistance and Metabolic Capacity in Prostate Cancer Cells, That Is Inhibited By Metformin
Jennifer H Gunter, Lisa Kate Philp, Phoebe Sarkar, Brett Hollier, Martin C Sadowski, Melanie Lehman and Colleen C. Nelson