Late-breaking Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary I (posters)


The Growth Hormone Deficiency and Efficacy of Treatment (GET) Score Study: A Non-Interventional Prospective Study to Establish an Integrative Score to Summarize the Pleiotropic Clinical Features of Growth Hormone Deficiency and the Effect of Growth Hormone Substitution.
Peter Herbert Kann, Raluca Simona Bergmann, Martin Bidlingmaier, Melanie Bub, Christina Dimopoulou, Birgitte Tønnes Pedersen, Günter K. Stalla, Matthias Max Weber and Stefanie Meckes-Ferber


Proactive Monitoring and Early Intervention in the Management of Pasireotide-Induced Hyperglycemia: Lessons from the Phase III, 24-Week Paola Study
Mônica R Gadelha, Thierry Brue, Maria Fleseriu, Ilan Shimon, Karina Hermosillo Reséndiz, Albert Kandra, Alberto M Pedroncelli and Annamaria Colao


Assessment of Health Related Quality of Life in Mexican Patients with Acromegaly
Lesly Portocarrero-Ortiz, Paulina Briseño-Hernández, Mariana Sandoval-Diez and Claudia Cervera-Martínez


A RARE Case of Panhypopituitarism Due to Pituitray Abscess
Kadapalakere Reddy, Robin Girdhar, Manav Batra and Manisha Garg


Permanent Blindness Due to Pituitary Apoplexy after Initiation of Anticoagulation
Holly Kilim, Laura Hyeson Zemany and Pamela Irene Hartzband


Antipsychotic-Induced Hyperprolactinemia; A Common Entity with Unusual Presentation
Ahmad Elayyan, Joseph Ramzy, Vaishali Thudi, Kamran Mushtaq, Susan Smith and Wael Taha


Opioid-Induced Transient Secondary Hypoadrenalism: Are Some Clinically Significant Cases Being Overlooked?
Eddy Tabet, Angela Lee, Elizabeth Lian Chua and Stephen Morris Twigg


Invasive Giant Prolactinoma; No Surgery Required 
Oscar Ruiz-Bermudez, Margarita Ramirez, Myriam Zahydee Allende, Milliette Alvarado, Monica Alexandra Vega, Dalitza Marie Alvarez-Valentin and Anette Garces-Dominguez


TSH, FSH and LH Cosecreting Adenoma
Anna Z Feldman, Ekkehard Kasper and Anand Mahadevan


Primary Empty Sella: Clinical Presentation and Pituitary Function in a Cohort of 34 Patients
Monica Loto, Mariana Scandizzo, Melina Saban, Juliana Valeria Gomez, Marina Ines Curria and Karina Danilowicz


Acute Psychosis in a Patient with a Recently Diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease and Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Monica Loto, Lucrecia Mutti, Mariana Scandizzo, Maria Fernanda Verdaguer, Karina Danilowicz and Marina Ines Curria